Translation of chime in Spanish:


repique, n.

Pronunciation: /tʃaɪm//tʃʌɪm/


  • 1

    (of bells) repique masculine
    (of clock) campanada feminine
    (of doorbell) campanilla feminine
  • 2

    carillón masculine

transitive verb

  • 1

    (tune) tocar
    the clock chimed midnight el reloj dió / tocó las doce
    • The chime of metal on metal sounded, and Lanfilar opened his eyes to see a very encouraging sight.
    • In the silence between chimes, she had heard soft, well concealed steps as her watcher ran up the castle stairs.
    • Through the thin trunks of birch and larger oaks, she could hear the flat chimes of running water, and knew she was close.
    • A few seconds after she spoke, the crew of the Varian could hear the same mysterious chimes floating through the air, but this time, they did have a melody.
    • A chime of bells, normally in a tower, played either from a keyboard or mechanically by a barrel (like that of a barrel organ, but larger) or similar device.
    • Even out here, he had heard the chimes and was transported.
    • Framed by a mixed bag of submerged synth sounds and clanging chimes, the moody ‘Lover's Rock’ lumbers out of the gate before settling into a nice trot.
    • It starts with what sounds like the distant chimes of gamelan music reverberating around a cavern and then morphs into a different winding style every eight minutes or so.
    • Just as quickly, the band shoves terra firma back under your feet; drums die, pianos fade, and chimes reverb in the brickblack.
    • It sounded like melodious chimes ringing into my ears.
    • The next song, ‘All the Arms Around You’, wraps Diers's deadpan vocals with the ideal accoutrement: ringing chimes!
    • Out of a buzzy analog haze, a stomping bassline gathers up all the lost children and, in a glorious series of chimes and welcoming blips, sends them out into a magical world of candy cane funk.
    • The cold morning breeze and a festive ambience, the chime of bells and melodious carols signal the arrival of Christmas.
    • With the chime of the glockenspiel and the slow pull of the violin the band began and invited us to witness a cavalcade of sound and images.
    • Ty glanced around when he heard the chimes echo throughout the castle.
    • Chris waited outside of Mrs. Schmidt's Contemporary Issues class as the last chime of the bell rang through the hall.
    • For six minutes, the song flows leisurely across faintly ringing organ tones and chimes, with just a few scattered notes recalling some of Fahey's concrete leanings.
    • The constant recycling of chimes seasoned with crowd noises, tube announcements and nature sounds acts as a sonic tour of the city.
    • Reality of the situation came back down when I heard the chimes go through the house and I froze, horrified.
    • The distant chime of bells sounded in the parlor.
    • Much like musical doorbell chimes: you can only listen to a badly midi-ized version of the William Tell overture once before you rip out the batteries and revert to knocking.
    • It wasn't until we had reached the top platform in front of the door that we heard the bells and chimes tune telling everyone we had arrived.
    • People choose chimes for two button doorbell circuits because they want different sounds for the front and back doors.
    • Whether you choose chimes or bells, wiring the sound unit to the outside button is the same.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (bell) sonar
    (bell) repicar
    (clock) dar la hora
    (clock) sonar
  • 2

    to chime with sth concordar / sintonizar con algo