Translation of chip in Spanish:


astilla, n.

Pronunciation: /tʃɪp//tʃɪp/


  • 1

    • 1.1

      (of wood) astilla feminine
      (of stone) esquirla feminine
      a chip off the old block de tal palo tal astilla
      • to have a chip on one's shoulder ser un resentido
      • The landowner gets quick cash, the company gets wood for chips, and workers at local sawmills get laid off.
      • Plane with the grain of the wood whenever possible, to avoid catching and lifting chips of wood.
      • Any cracks, chips, holes, dips or spalls should be repaired in order to achieve a flat surface.
      • It's a good way to discover scratches, chips and dents early.
      • He looked over at her, her eyes like hard chips of granite, sparkling with the light from the fire but remaining hard.
      • Remove dints and scratches and chips from cars; detail your car inside and out and respray the car, for $1000.
      • I felt myself shiver and held onto myself in the dark as if I were a mere chip of wood or paper caught in a riptide.
      • She sent me out for chips and wood to start the fire.
      • The nuts are then crushed with lime and catechu, a scarlet and astringent extract made by boiling chips of wood from the areca palm.
      • Burlap bags brimmed with fragrant leaves and chips of various woods.
      • Alice's zombie boyfriend is pounding the bathroom door, sending little chips of paint and wood cascading to the tiled floor.
      • Jabbing at the wood, they remove chips three to six inches tong.
      • I'm a sucker for hickory chips but anything from mesquite chips to apple wood can add a distinctive flavour to your favourite dish.
      • Sympathising with the labourers in quarry fields, they say, women workers engaged in the work are unmindful of tiny stone chips embedded in their skins.
      • To make wood-chip mulch, tow a chipper to the brush pile you left in the woods and blow the chips right into the trailer.
      • Those pieces with the minutest chip or flaw were smashed.
      • If you're not prepared to rigorously keep up that pristine appearance, then the ensuing scuff marks, chips and cracks are sadly all too obvious.
      • Although they are smooth, there are some with chips and faults and mixtures of two different types of rock.
      • Scraps of cloth and chips of wood lay strewn across the room.
      • The entire angel burst into flames, and stone chips began to flake away as Frost scrambled back for cover, gripping the small familiar in two hands.
      • Nests are lined with bark chips or wood shavings or are a shallow cup made of roots, leaves and other plant fibers.
      • A Volkswagen Beetle left the road around 2.25 pm, thought to have skidded on newly laid stone chips.
      • Within two months after completion, the undermounted sink developed scratches, chips and discoloration.
      • She also doesn't mind imperfection, the odd chip or scratch.
      • The blast had knocked two of them down to the ground, along with chips of wood and brush being scattered everywhere.
      • He lifted it and hacked at the door again, and again, and small chips of wood started to fly off.
      • Moreover, the chips and scars get more numerous as you approach the corner of the street - which is where the bomb must surely have landed.
      • Weeds often cause problems so use an ornamental ground cover or spread pebbles or stone chips.
      • He was a mountaintop-tree expert with a truck and a crew and machines that chopped up trees into chips.
      • Repairing chips and scratches on older pieces may present a color match problem.
      • I noticed Rob had a pretty good set of china, except that it showed its age with minor chips and scratches in the decal.
      • There were no obvious tool marks, chips or defects, and the finish was perfectly consistent down to the sudden transition at the base of every fold.
      • A chip or nick on the top of the jar may not allow the jar to seal, and scratches may cause the jar to break during heat processing.

    • 1.2(crack, break)

      desportilladura feminine
      muesca feminine
      there's a chip in this cup esta taza está desportillada / descascarillada

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    • 2.1(wafer)

      banana chips (masculine plural) patacones Colombia rodajas de plátano frito
      • potato chips papas chip

    • 2.2British (French fry)

      papa frita feminine
      patata frita feminine Spain
      papa a la francesa feminine Mexico Colombia
      para freír papas
      para freír patatas Spain
      to be as cheap as chips estar botados de precio Andes
      • Vegetables and potatoes or chips are included in the price.
      • Floating on the top is a pear crisp, so sweet and delectable you might wonder why anyone ever bothered making chips from potatoes.
      • Low-fat oven chips are both less hassle to cook and significantly lower in calories than conventional, deep-fried chips.
      • The other options on the two-for-a-fiver menu are haddock with chips and peas and Quorn chicken curry with rice.
      • The village of Comrie boasts the last chip shop in the country to use animal fat to deep fry its chips.
      • I now eat lots of fish, but not in batter, and of course I no longer eat things like potatoes, so chips are out.
      • I had the remainder of my kid's supper: old bits of fish finger, chips, and, later, half a panettone with tea.
      • There were a range of steaks to choose from, for example, and roast chicken, pork and lamb lunches, as well as hotpots and pies, all served with chips, potatoes or mash and vegetables.
      • Usually I don't eat potato but fish without chips by the sea would be silly and my son eats most of them.
      • A notice indicated that at lunchtime and in the evening you could indulge in steak and kidney pudding, chicken and leek pudding or spring rolls with chips or jacket potatoes.
      • Stir again then serve with potatoes, chips, rice or pasta.
      • Potato is a vegetable (well, just) and hot chips are made of potato.
      • Somebody a few cells down is smashing and trashing in a rage, furious that he has been given the grey sloppy Prison Regulation mashed potato rather than chips.
      • The chips were from good potatoes, crisp on the outside.
      • They ate cream of leek and potato soup, followed by fish, chips and mushy peas.
      • Serve the fish and paprika chips at once with tartare sauce.
      • The chicken was tender and nicely cooked and the creamy mash made a welcome change from new potatoes or chips.
      • If people are not eating enough fruit and veg then potatoes, including chips, are important.
      • I ate potatoes, chips and pasta to restore all the energy in my body so I was more explosive.
      • All were served with a choice of chips or baked potato with a choice of butter or sour cream, and salad or vegetables which were cauliflower in cheese sauce or hubbard squash or salad.

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    ficha feminine
    they used it as a bargaining chip in the negotiations lo usaron de baza en las negociaciones
    • to be in the chips estar rico / boyante
    • to cash in one's chips estirar la pata
    • to have had one's chips
    • you've had your chips, mate la jodiste, hermano
    • I thought I'd had my chips when the cable snapped creí que me había llegado la hora cuando se rompió el cable
    • when the chips are down a la hora de la verdad
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    Electronics Computing
    chip masculine
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    • 5.1(in soccer)

      bombita feminine
      • He hit a poor tee shot, required two chips to find the green and then two-putted from 10 feet.
      • Angling my shoulders so they are parallel to the slope lets me hit uphill chips just like any other chip shot.
      • Similarly, York did not counter the fast-closing Park defence with the short chip kick.
      • In the drill shown here, I'm trying to hit chips short, long, left and right - but not to the pin itself.
      • I've holed my share of chips and had quite a few near-misses.
      • Left with her second shot, her little chip barely reached the green.
      • More often than not you'll leave the next shot short with your chip or putt, and you'll probably be long with the next.
      • But Tickle levelled the scores with a chip and chase to the line before Farrell's kick.
      • A dropped shot loomed at the long 16th after another bad drive, but from just over the back of the green Clarke holed out for par, using one of his woods for the chip.
      • Among other things, you should also hit some chips and definitely some bunker shots.
      • We repeatedly are told to stop ‘quitting’ or decelerating at impact on our chips and putts.
      • The ball's solid rubber core and extremely thin but strong urethane elastomer cover appear to add distance to tee shots and control to chips and putts.
      • All week I just warmed up by hitting a few chips and putts.
      • So, while Woods is easily the best in the world from a tough situation - he's the most creative and has the most shots - he struggles to hit straightforward chips stiff to the hole.
      • His chip kick was partially charged down, but the bounce took it in front of the posts only for desperate Waterloo cover to clear the danger.
      • One touch took Giggs round the goalkeeper and a chip across the vacated goalmouth presented Ronaldo with the simplest of finishes.
      • The most famous kick that Cantona ever delivered wasn't a sublime chip or a match-winning penalty, but a two-footed karate kick.
      • If you do bail out right and short, you'll have an easy chip.
      • If a player gets too aggressive on a downhill putt on one of those greens, his next shot could be a chip or a pitch from the fairway.
      • I finally pulled it way left of the green, hit a bad chip and sank a 30-footer.

      pase o tiro corto por encima de un jugador contrario

    • 5.2

      (in golf) chip masculine
      (in tennis) toque masculine

      golpe corto y seco que permite acceder al green

transitive verb

  • 1

    cascar River Plate
    saltar Chile
    (tooth) romper un trocito de
    the paint got chipped la pintura se saltó / se desconchó
  • 2

    (cut, break)
    (hole) hacer
    (hole) abrir
    I chipped off the old plaster quité el yeso viejo quebrándolo / rompiéndolo
    • I chipped a piece (of wood/stone) off the block saqué un trozo (de madera/piedra) picando el bloque
  • 3

    chipped potatoes (feminine plural) papas a la francesa Mexico Colombia
    • chipped beef carne de vaca ahumada y cortada en rodajas finas
  • 4

    (in golf, tennis, soccer)

    levantar la pelota mediante un golpe corto y preciso

intransitive verb

  • 1

    cascarse River Plate
    saltarse Chile
    (paint/varnish) saltarse
    (varnish/paint) desconcharse
    to chip off desprenderse
    • It was defined in terms of how much gold you could turn it in for, like redeeming chips for money at a casino.
    • Coins or small poker chips will serve as markers, and you can now buy little colored plastic train engines which look like the token from a Monopoly set.
    • If he likes to play the old-fashioned way, T. Anthony's game set holds cards, dice, poker chips, checkers, and chess.
    • A drug dealer could convert his wads of notes into chips, put half on black and half on red then convert the chips back into clean money.
    • That was a mercenary term for a poker game with fake chips, one just played for relaxation.
    • A poker player with lots of chips can force the game.
    • Like poker chips, lasers may someday be molded out of plastic by the millions.
    • They found it contained two bibles, a chess set, a backgammon game, a deck of cards, poker chips and several paper back pulp fiction novels.
    • I thought maybe he'd taken a sudden interest in sewing but no - he intends to use them as gambling chips for poker games over at the other hotel.
    • The players also need a supply of money or chips for betting.
    • Palace Poker can be played without money or chips also.
    • Poker chips are recommended, with the white chips representing 5 units, the reds 20, and the blues 1000.
    • Life is a gamble, and I like playing ‘All-In’ (a poker term for gambling all your chips on one hand).
    • Scoring is best done with chips like many Chinese games.
    • Money can be laundered through casinos by gamblers who buy chips, then cash them and provide a receipt to legitimise the proceeds.
    • Instead of copy watches and copy CDs, I will sell copy casino chips and copy poker machine coins.
    • I did not look upon the chips as money; to me they were what they were - just pieces of plastic.
    • Based on an oval track car race, this fairly simple game uses cards as a track and poker chips as race cars.
    • One night after the game I cashed in more in poker chips than I started with.
    • The score can be recorded on paper or you can settle up in money or chips after each hand.
    • On some computers, the BIOS chip is not removable, and so it could only be replaced by swapping the entire motherboard.
    • The electron beam was magnetically aimed so as to encode the stream of data to be written, forming it into a sequence of dark and light spots on the chip.
    • To shrink the size of transistors on computer chips, semiconductor manufacturers are turning to shorter wavelength techniques.
    • The overclocking world was shaken when Winbond announced that it would discontinue its entire line of RAM chips.
    • The new pricing brought the cost of Intel's notebook chips closer in line with its desktop products.
    • Graphics chips render images by breaking them into small pieces called polygons.
    • He bends down, picking up some type of computer chip.
    • An implanted computer chip will read the patient's own heart activity, sensing when the natural muscle is tiring, then kick-in to help the heart.
    • You find semiconductors at the heart of microprocessor chips as well as transistors.
    • About every 18 months, the number of transistors in computer chips doubles.
    • Lower resistance means that transistors switch states faster and that makes chips compute quicker.
    • Still, the test scores with both chips were repeatable, and the performance gain measured was that significant.
    • That's when he inherited the CEO post and set out to remake the company around a new flagship product, the digital signal processor chip.
    • This speed is more than 100 times faster than that of the best security chip available at the beginning of last year, a phenomenal increase.
    • An implantable, GPS-enabled chip is now becoming available.
    • Computer chips are integrated circuits called microprocessors built up from transistors and other components.
    • The paper describes the proper structure for a new kind of metal electrode to accompany novel insulating materials in transistors on computer chips.
    • Over the next 18 months every plastic card will be replaced by one that contains a new, smarter computer chip which will store details of your secret PIN.
    • Current integrated circuits, or computer chips, contain about 100 million transistors each.
    • You know, if I got a slightly larger memory chip, I could store it all on my phone…