Translation of chipolata in Spanish:


salchicha, n.

(chipolata sausage)

Pronunciation /ˌtʃɪpəˈlɑdə//tʃɪpəˈlɑːtə/



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    (pequeña y delgada) salchicha feminine
    • The Pieman's new venture is a website offering the kind of non-filling food on offer at meetings and conferences - chipolatas with honey and mustard dip, that kind of thing.
    • The nightmare of Christmas isn't fretting over burning your chipolatas and drowning the Brussels sprouts - it's making sure you've covered all bases when it comes to buying presents.
    • I could see his white Nike shoes, his sharply creased trousers, the powerful veined forearms and blacksmith's hands, the fingers round and surprisingly short, like chipolatas.
    • Heat the oil in a pan and add the halved chipolata sausages and cook for about 1 minute.
    • The chipolatas were tiny, they could easily slip down between the grill, falling into the molten hot-bead-netherworld below.
    • Pancakes, chipolatas or ice cream under the cereal are some of the suggestions for this surprise breakfast, and if they don't get there on time it's ordinary breakfast.
    • Then roast chicken with bread sauce, chipolatas, bacon.
    • I earned enough from the dole and busking to live on salt and vinegar crisps, Mars bars and beans and chipolatas on toast.
    • Tonight we had a leg of lamb, with roast potatoes, carrots, peas, chipolatas, with cherry pie (half for me, third for my mum, rest for my dad).
    • Instead of the dulcet sounds of ‘Silent Night’, there are imprecations emanating from the kitchen as the cook discovers a tub of cream in the fridge dripping all over the chipolatas.
    • The type of man who would rather die than be seen in the kitchen is only too happy to light a barbecue and check on his chargrilled chipolatas.
    • I've been busy eating chipolatas, and telling my nine year old nephew to stop drinking my Tanqueray.
    • Harry Campbell found a reference in the Glasgow Herald last Christmas to a seasonal offer from the Safeway supermarket chain of outdoor-reared pork chipolatas.
    • Instead, thick, succulent breast escalopes had been pan-fried and sent out to do their work on the waistline with black pudding farei and chipolatas.
    • This means that the average British adult is likely to devour a staggering 4kg of sausages, or the equivalent of over 140 chipolatas this year alone.
    • Kids love them, especially the small variety, chipolatas and cocktail franks.
    • The ‘little taste of Cumbria’ prepared by John Kay included smoked salmon, duck, and chipolatas.
    • Place the parsnips on the middle shelf of the oven (with the potatoes on the top), and the chipolatas on the lowest shelf or floor of the oven.
    • I've got a hip flask of whisky packed, along with a Tupperware box of chipolatas.
    • Yes, there are pigs in blankets but they are organic chipolatas wrapped in thin slices of pancetta and cooked in the oven.