Translation of chirp in Spanish:


piar, v.

Pronunciation /tʃərp//tʃəːp/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (bird) piar
    (insect/cricket) chirriar
    • The sounds of merry birds chirping and horses neighing pleasantly awoke Nyerel.
    • She heard the late birds chirp, the crickets whistle, the stray dogs howl.
    • It is quiet and calming and every so often one can here a bird singing and crickets chirping.
    • He could hear the sound of the birds chirping as they flew by, the flow of the nearby river and the wind blowing against the trees above them.
    • We are immediately greeted by the lively sounds of early birds chirping while the inviting aromas coming from the main attraction, the charcoal grill, easily flip my hunger switch.
    • I hear the sound of birds chirping, the sound of the occasional mutt barking.
    • Lyonha awoke to the sound of birds chirping and trees singing their ancient chants.
    • On Friday morning, Sheree awakened to delightful sunbeams pouring into the room from the window and the sound of baby birds chirping in their nest.
    • We were shown into a smart little auditorium where big speakers were pumping out relaxing little sounds of birds chirping and water trickling.
    • At that point I began to hear birds chirping over the explosive sound of the firing range, I looked around in confusion, and then was awakened suddenly.
    • With the sun shining bright and the birds chirping, and the sound of my fathers guards marching around the palace area.
    • The entire area was abuzz with various sounds in the air, such as leaves rustling in the wind, birds chirping, insects humming, and the distinct sound of flowing water.
    • Estrella yawned a little, and closed her eyes, listening silently to the serene sound of birds chirping and the small insects of summer buzzing.
    • The next morning, Adrian was awoken to the sounds of small birds chirping near his open windowsill.
    • Birds were singing, insects were chirping, and people could be heard talking in their homes.
    • The birds are chirping merrily and I can hear the usual sound of motor cars hustling to reach wherever it is that their drivers need to get to.
    • Birds were chirping quietly, a sound that increased in volume as the minutes passed.
    • The bigger trees were swaying easily in the cool breeze, their leaves making a gentle swooshing sound that would mix with the voices of small birds chirping back and forth to one another.
    • It was a lovely day on the planet Quamina, bright and green, birds chirping; insects jumping.
    • The birds stopped chirping and even the insects went silent.

transitive verb

  • 1

    decir alegremente


  • 1

    (of bird) piada feminine
    (of bird) piído masculine
    (of cricket) chirrido masculine
    • ‘The territorial calls produced by the males are short buzzes, trills, chirps and combinations of clicks,’ said French as she demonstrated.
    • It's during this time that male humpbacks emit vocalizations that sound, at least to human ears, like barks, chirps, and moans.
    • Hearing a chirp and a buzzing sound on my right, I turned my head.
    • A single chirp is a short series of sound pulses followed by silence.
    • The music of James Lucas, a 20-year-old from Bristol, chirps, chimes, buzzes and brims with otherworldly eeriness.
    • The ants' communication sounds like high-pitched, rhythmical chirps.
    • There are chirps and squeals and squawks and song.
    • Here discourse is always already reduced to silence, the dumbness of a chirp, the murmur of a coo.
    • The melody is madly inventive and celebratory, and the singers careen around utterly at home in this mirror-world of whistles, chirps, flutes and cymbals.
    • Elongated roars and fragments of voices gave a sense of atmospheric portent, while syncopated pings, clicks and chirps added a desultory counterpoint.
    • Although the empty buildings on the now derelict structure are silent by day, they come noisily alive on winter nights with the chirps, whistles, and varied murmurings of starlings - tens of thousands of them.
    • But the bright, blindingly yellow-white sun glared down onto Nikrya, and sparrows shot from tree to tree, chattering in high-pitched chirps.
    • Tern rubbed his neck as though he had hurt it in the fall, made a little consoling noise like a chirp to himself, and glanced at her curiously.
    • It's difficult to get anywhere in the woods if you choose to stop every time you hear a chirp or a song.
    • The crickets and cicadas were already revved up outside, making their chirps and clicks that used to drive me nuts back home.
    • Then Kitten rolled her eyes back in her head, and gave a small sound that might have been a chirp or a squeal.
    • To avoid collisions while in flight, they emit high-frequency chirps and process the echoes that return from nearby objects.
    • His monotonous chirp sounded precisely like the shooting noise in Space Invaders.
    • It wasn't the stark buzz of a bee, or the sharp chirp of a grasshopper - it was the simple, quiet hum of a butterfly.
    • While woodchucks tend to be pretty silent, their cousins are quite vocal and emit loud piercing whistles or chirps at the slightest provocation.