Translation of chirrup in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈtʃɪrəp//ˈtʃɪrəp/

transitive and intransitive verb

  • 1

    • In the branches above him birds chirruped, startling him.
    • A owl hooted in the distance and the crickets chirruped.
    • The air is full of the smell of honeysuckle, the buzzing of bees, the chirruping of bluebirds, and the sizzling of meat.
    • No life was visible - no birds chirruped in the matchstick trees, no children laughed among the remnants of the blaze.
    • Outside, the crickets chirrup incessantly in the humid Indian night.
    • A bird chirruped from the boughs of a nearby tree.
    • The leaves did not stir on the trees, grasshoppers chirruped, and the monotonous hollow sound of the sea rising up from below, spoke of the peace, of the eternal sleep awaiting us.
    • They sat there in the dying sunlight as the birds chirruped in the trees.
    • Families of busy mynahs chirruped, foraged for grasshoppers, and then trilled when they took wing as we approached.
    • Crickets were chirruping idly in the trees, and in the distance, I could see a small child playing with abandoned armaments.
    • Via this intensive but bleary-eyed study, I've noticed with alarm that the warbling and chirruping of some birds increasingly resembles the ring tones of some mobile phones.
    • The sound of crickets chirruping in the bushes to the side of the porch adds to the appeal of the Spring time night.
    • The grass shifted and chirruping sounded in the distance, ringing through the forest.
    • It was utterly, silent, too - no bird calls or insect chirrups disturbed the sandy desert.
    • The sound of crickets chirruping filled the still air.
    • Outside, a bird chirruped extra loud and he covered his ears with a scowl.
    • Maybe it's the seductive chirruping of cicadas in the cypress trees.
    • Instead, at least in its opening bars, the song of the Green Dolphin chirrups along like the opening animation of The Donna Reed Show.
    • Fingers of morning light were gracing the eastern sky and birds were beginning to fidget and chirrup in the trees.
    • A sparrow chirrups on the rooftop next to me, and a bee carelessly buzzes into the honeysuckle growing down my wall.