Translation of chortle in Spanish:


reírse, v.

Pronunciation /ˈtʃɔrdl//ˈtʃɔːt(ə)l/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    to chortle over sth reírse de algo con satisfacción
    • My wife chortled and guffawed too, but neither of us can explain why it works.
    • ‘Guess you can't become an American citizen,’ he chortled.
    • ‘Buddy's not here right now,’ the 18-year-old manager Mandy chortled with her eyes lighting up.
    • Some friends of mine already know about this and have likely already chortled at my astounding lack of basic knowledge.
    • It gets funnier as it goes along, till by the end I was chortling merrily at every second line.
    • The two men drive away into the night - cackling, chortling and tossing their hats in the air.
    • ‘Just to let you know what's happening during the lunch break today,’ one radio man chortled on Friday morning.
    • ‘All I was thinking was that it didn't matter where he was going to bowl the ball, it was still going for six,’ he chortled.
    • You've probably chortled to yourself as you realised your mistake.
    • When my flatmates, years ago, chortled through Arachnophobia, I was rigid with terror and couldn't sleep all night.
    • Duncan had beamed and chortled and puffed out cigar smoke contentedly, and Lucasta had thought that when he behaved like this, she wished he would go to China and stay there.
    • Howard ends this play chortling like a loon, having the last laugh as ever.
    • How I chortled when I first saw the white chamber pot under my bed: how witty, I thought; how whimsical - till I awoke in pitch darkness on the first night with a full bladder.
    • ‘Now we are going to a special place,’ said one man, and the rest chortled ominously.
    • That cracks me up no end - I'm chortling loudly right now.
    • ‘That was my first lesson in just how tough and dirty national politics can be,’ she chortled over a cup of coffee at the Falcon Manor Hotel.
    • The jokes were funny - I chortled and snickered - but the plot was all over the place and lacked drive and, well, to me it read like a first draft.
    • His rapt audience, 16 Indian cricket players in blue blazers, chortled in approval, and later took turns to pump the general's hand.
    • The band stood there chortling: ‘Your pants, Adrian.’
    • His clear, dreamy blue eyes twinkled joyfully and his infant voice chortled gleefully.


  • 1

    risa feminine
    carcajada feminine

    de satisfacción