Translation of Christ in Spanish:


Cristo, n.

Pronunciation /kraɪst//krʌɪst/


  • 1

    before noun the Christ child el niño Jesús
    • For it was on this day that Christ strengthened the Church which he had already founded by his own flesh and blood.
    • As Christ died on the cross for others, so also was his resurrection representative.
    • There are many battles ahead for believers, but victory is certain through Christ our Lord.
    • If Christ is not sinless, he is not divine, nor is his death on the cross any help to sinners like ourselves.
    • Brethren, because we are all brothers and sisters in Christ and should treat each other as such.
    • When Peter became a follower of Christ, Jesus told him he would be made a fisher of people.
    • After Christ dies on the cross, a single drop of rain falls from the heavens onto the ground.
    • Christians today have to be Christ to other people, and demonstrate what he was like and what he stood for.
    • Whoever drinks the blood of Christ has eternal life, and Christ will raise him up at the last day.
    • As he listened to the Christ teach, Satan understood why Jesus did not give in to temptations.
    • Many seem to feel that one way to put Christ back into Christmas is by displaying a Nativity scene.
    • Funds are needed for all the splendid projects that are being undertaken in Christ's name.
    • The good news is that nothing can separate us from the love of God that we have known in Jesus the Christ.
    • So Christ exercises his gentleness by the power of the Spirit working in the lives of fallen people.
    • If Christ did not die for our sins then we are still under the wrath of God and without hope.
    • It is as the whole Body of Christ that we express the fullness of Christ to the world.
    • Without a perception of the Christ of the Bible, worship loses both its focus and its anchor.
    • It is vital that the churches know God through Christ and the gospel of grace.
    • Epiphany is a feast of revelation, the day Christ made his being known to the world.
    • To make sense as a concept, the Christ has to be an Everyman, a man without qualities.
  • 2informal

    ¡Jesús! informal
    for Christ's sake! ¡por amor de Dios!