Translation of chrome yellow in Spanish:

chrome yellow

amarillo cromo, n.


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    amarillo cromo masculine
    • Use the oil rag with a small amount of chrome yellow and raw sienna tube oil color to wipe over the white areas of the panel and soften into the background.
    • The woodwork was finished with an extremely light wash, or stain, composed of an indeterminate iron oxide ocher and chrome yellow, bound in linseed oil.
    • Most surprisingly, the floors were found to have been painted with chrome yellow, an extremely bright color.
    • The pigments used - chrome yellow, red lead, red ocher, and yellow ocher - were ground in linseed oil using a marble muller and stone slab.
    • The two paint boxes were found to contain Prussian blue, chrome yellow, vermilion (a red mercury sulfide pigment), and red earth.