Translation of cinema in Spanish:


cine, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsɪnəmə//ˈsɪnɪmɑː//ˈsɪnɪmə/


  • 1British

    cine masculine
    teatro masculine Chile
    to go to the cinema ir a cine Colombia
    • what's on at the cinema? ¿qué dan en el cine?
    • Industry commentators agree it is just a matter of time before digital technology replaces film in cinemas.
    • The US is finally getting tough on people who use mobile phones in cinemas.
    • After starting work as a projectionist at 15, Arthur worked at various cinemas in Hyde.
    • The films were screened in cinemas across the city and at community meetings.
    • I should make more of an effort to see films in cinemas.
    • It will be released in UK cinemas later this year and looks certain to be a huge talking point.
    • In England the film was mainly shown in art house cinemas to art house audiences.
    • The Film Institute is home to two cinemas, a specialist film bookshop, an education department and a bar restaurant.
    • Some small local cinemas were still staggering along, run by enthusiastic amateurs.
    • The film is on at only two London cinemas and is unlikely to be released elsewhere.
    • The film is being distributed in cinemas by Miramax and is already being touted as a possible Oscar contender.
    • Sitting in a full and happy cinema certainly adds another dimension to a film.
    • Few films of its era can boast of such continuing popularity in art house cinemas.
    • It is hoped that the film will not only go to video but will be shown to movie-goers at local arts cinemas.
    • His difficulties in getting his film made and into cinemas are by now well known.
    • The council was accused of trying to stop cinemas showing films on Sunday by stealth.
    • The films never made it to cinemas, so customers had to find them on the internet.
    • Pirate copies of some of the latest films to hit cinemas are easily available at markets across the country.
    • For some very strange reason we are now seeing in cinemas a British film that was made four years ago.
    • The studio publicly disowned the film and briefly banned it from its own cinemas.
  • 2

    cine masculine
    French cinema el cine francés
    • He offers his thoughts on his work and his approach to cinema and art in general.
    • It is, in the main, well worth seeing for any fan of historical cinema.
    • The film also boasts one of the most unexpected plot devices in the history of cinema, which truly has to be seen to be believed.
    • Lyubov Orlova was probably the most glamorous and popular actress of Soviet cinema.
    • Hungarian filmmaker Béla Tarr is one of the most celebrated auteurs in world cinema.
    • I don't think Irish cinema has produced anything better than The Butcher Boy.
    • This is much more than a simple critical or social analysis of the history of cinema.
    • It promises a wide variety of cinema to suit both devoted French film fans and newcomers alike.
    • I worked with every single legend in the history of Indian cinema that was alive at that time.
    • His legacy in the canon of Canadian cinema is of a director who was far ahead of his time.
    • It takes a very special film to get British audiences excited about British cinema.
    • Who actually watches these dreadful films and thinks that they're masterpieces of modern cinema?
    • Casablanca is known as a piece of classic cinema.
    • It is the first film to bring Chinese cinema to Western audiences on a large scale.
    • For fans of Japanese cinema, in particular, this film has been big news for some time now.
    • Those who denigrate cinema, dismissing it for its mass appeal, refuse to see film as an art form.
    • What we have in common is that we both love the same period of American cinema.
    • His new film is American independent cinema at its best.
    • Her growing interest in issues of world cinema finds an expression in this essay.
    • The music is so overpowering at times that the film seems more like a pop video than a piece of cinema.
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    (film industry)
    the cinema el cine