Translation of circus in Spanish:


circo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsərkəs//ˈsəːkəs/


  • 1

    circo masculine
    (clown/animal) (before noun) de circo
    • You are distracted by acrobats and circus performers and watch little chubby cheeked children clapping their hands with sheer joy.
    • The three-ring circus is made up of around 180 performers and 80 animals.
    • By the 4th century A.D., nearly 177 days per year were devoted to the Games, held at the circus.
    • It's all quite a long way removed from the life he and his father once knew, as entertainers in a travelling circus.
    • The circus, the nomadic tent show of breathtaking performances, is on.
    • Perhaps the most excitement was caused by the circus coming to town, however.
    • Bizarrely, traveling circuses are exempt from the restriction.
    • The circle is the defining motif of the Frénouse, a shape that haunted Tatin, from his early obsession with the enclosed ring of the circus, to his adolescent observation of planets.
    • She has returned to the ring, though - supporting the circus clown's act.
    • He heard the complaints that he sometimes came across as too dour and awkward and while that rankled, he always insisted he was there to manage a football team not entertain like a circus clown.
    • A jazz trio will play and there will be a magician and circus performer.
    • As usual, a circus troupe has pitched its tent in the Festival City in view of the vacation.
    • Time had eroded all things: the circus tents, the faces of young performers, the swiftness of reactions and the size of audiences.
    • We're a circus troupe, aren't we?
    • Often, I feel a bit like a high-wire circus performer working without a net.
    • Maybe he and his niece could join a traveling circus to get by.
    • I just can't get enough of shows performed in circus tents.
    • But, unlike the old circus shows with their clowns and candyfloss, this performance is governed by a sophisticated theatrical sensibility.
    • The travelling circus goes to Barcelona in Spain for the fifth round of the championship.
    • They probably give thanks every day that they haven't been carted off to perform in some travelling circus and can just graze away in this beautifully quiet corner of the world.
    • Later he was a road labourer and a wrestler in travelling circuses.
    • A travelling circus has been destroyed by last weekend's gusty weather just days after its opening night in Swindon.
  • 2British

    (in town)
    glorieta feminine
    • The new civic space - the Circus - will provide the focal point and is described by developers as ‘an oasis of calm in the city centre’.
    • The work will also affect Regent Circus, Clarence Street, Princes Street and Victoria Road.
    • He said: ‘The new entrance on Queen's Circus will also improve access from the station to Battersea Park, Prince of Wales Drive, the Marco Polo building and Chelsea Bridge Wharf.’
    • Tomorrow sees the Town Hall in Regent Circus host the Quiz.
    • The new department store will front on to St Botolph's Circus.