Translation of citizen's arrest in Spanish:

citizen's arrest


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    detención llevada a cabo por un ciudadano común
    • We're told staff from the daycare center made a citizen's arrest for trespassing.
    • If the defendant has any power to interfere with the plaintiff's liberty, it lies in its powers to effect a citizen's arrest.
    • He met a well-armed neighbor who had made a citizen's arrest after teenagers broke into one diver's apartment.
    • He said there was the issue of citizens' arrests and the possibility that the guard could end up being charged with assault by the police.
    • A citizen's arrest and detention isn't possible as a practical matter.
    • A dad has called for the community to get involved in the fight against crime after telling how he made a citizen's arrest on a robber who threatened his teenage son with a knife.
    • I have no problem with jaywalking if the coast is dead clear but when you walk through my advance green you make me want to jump out of my car and perform a citizen's arrest on you.
    • The officers do not have any specific powers other than a standard citizen's arrest, but they will be armed with mobile phones and a security firm will contact police about any crimes.
    • They then made a citizen's arrest and detained the pair until police arrived.
    • So you and I could go and arrest someone, and basically there are other sort of provisions in other Acts, but the main thing is that they can make a citizen's arrest but they cannot go and hound and harass people.
    • A father refused to let his broken foot stop him making a citizen's arrest when he foiled a gang's plot to rob his village store.
    • I think if I tell you that then you are required by law to make a citizen's arrest.
    • I meant to finally write about my citizen's arrest.
    • It would be like a citizen's arrest, except instead of arresting them, I would just fire them.
    • A member of the public, who had been travelling on the bus, made a citizen's arrest and kept the bus driver at the scene of the incident until police arrived.
    • Just walk up to the man, put a hand on the shoulder, announce that they're taking him into custody in a citizen's arrest and offer to escort him to the Justice Department building for questioning.
    • A man in Germany made a citizen's arrest - with his teeth.
    • The new law, which takes effect on the first of January, allows moviegoers to make a citizen's arrest if they see someone in a theater with a recording device.
    • I've made my citizens' arrests and I'm still doing it.
    • It might be spineless on your part, but it sends the joker back under his rock without forcing you to make a citizen's arrest for the local precinct of the political correctness police.