Translation of citizenry in Spanish:


ciudadanía, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsɪdɪzənri//ˈsɪdɪsənri//ˈsɪtɪzənri/

nounPlural citizenries


  • 1

    ciudadanía feminine
    ciudadanos masculine
    • The wealth of nations will reside in that citizenry, and its commitment to education, training and lifelong learning.
    • And how do you finger the recalcitrant citizenry who persist in just slinging it all in the bin rather than diligently sorting it?
    • All of a sudden a cry went up, in the ancient tradition of alerting the local citizenry and raising the alarm.
    • The modern state is one based on citizenry, on a constitution impartial to all, on a system without patronage.
    • One of the beauties of living in a free society is the freedom of choice availed to its citizenry.
    • The call for more of these every time there is a serious accident seems to be the gut response from citizenry and officialdom alike.
    • The aim of reconnecting with the European citizenry has been far from evident in their deliberations.
    • You're a nexus in a big web of relationships that extend beyond the world of work into the realm of family and citizenry.
    • The creation and sustenance of these institutions would not have been possible without the support of the local citizenry.
    • She said the style that became fashionable among the country's upscale citizenry became popular among ordinary people.
    • Inquiry into mysterious deaths was initially seen as a duty of the government, to ensure the safety of its citizenry.
    • Thursday, the local citizenry was quick to express its concern about the perceived lack of patriotism.
    • The citizenry has responsibilities too - to vote, to think, to inform themselves, even to participate.
    • For example, how does one sell the image of a benevolent corporate citizenry that has the best interests of society in its heart?
    • They were regarded as the main tool for keeping citizenry informed and engaged in building a unified nation.
    • Your citizenry are too drunk to make an informed decision.
    • You've got to have real estate where shooting is legal and tolerated by the local citizenry.
    • But then a body which has rarely sought the consent of its citizenry can have no complaints when it is seen as a distant and petty bureaucracy.
    • The citizenry - let us be strictly fair towards our infinitely credulous brethren - dote on him.
    • While a flood of new discoveries may seem daunting, they should not undermine the core values of a calm and knowledgeable citizenry.