Translation of city hall in Spanish:

city hall

ayuntamiento, n.



  • 1

    ayuntamiento masculine
    municipio masculine
    • A small number of these soldiers even staged a protest at city hall.
    • No expansion is planned for city hall, although there is provision in the land-use plan for future expansion.
    • The summonses stem from a protest outside city hall on March 4.
    • After receiving the petition, city administrators met at city hall and decided to call for a further clarification of the laws.
    • As the group was leaving city hall, however, the Archduke asked to go to the hospital to check on those injured in the bomb attack.
    • But the issue wasn't so cut and dried Monday afternoon at city hall.
    • He went down to city hall to learn why his utilities cost so much, and found out to run water to our town, it cost the government next to nothing.
    • I just want you to know that my partner and I were married at city hall on Thursday this week.
    • I think we need to go beyond the doors of this city hall.
    • I found out very quickly there were a number of special-interest groups who made city hall their private warren.
    • The new presentation received positive response from the city administration and boat operators at a recent meeting in city hall.
    • It would send a clear message to law breakers if this law breaker is taken out of city hall in shackles.
    • I think it certainly raised serious questions about the enforcement of security going into city hall.
    • He told them that he had dropped off his girlfriend at city hall but got tired of waiting for her, so he just grabbed his stuff and left.
    • Philadelphia's new city hall was the tallest building in the world.
    • Under some of the earlier job-training programs you would go down to city hall and show them you were poor and they'd give you a job.
    • I was on the main level of San Francisco city hall from about noon until a bit after 5pm today.
    • City administrators convened again at city hall on May 15 to discuss funding approval to continue operation of the plant.
    • The incendiary bombs appeared to be abandoned near an old building several blocks away from city hall.
    • We made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in the park at city hall and finally got a good picture of the amazing tanks they use as police cars here.