Translation of city manager in Spanish:

city manager



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    funcionario encargado de la administración de una ciudad
    • We have tried to have a dialogue with the city manager, but he has refused to meet us.
    • One year when I was police chief in San Jose, the city manager sent me a budget that contained no money for equipment.
    • I serve as the city manager and, like other public officials across the United States, I have in the last three years paid much greater attention to emergency response issues than ever before.
    • Towns on the rebound often have to go through several local elections to find a new city manager who believes in better days ahead.
    • The city manager stressed that there was no reason why the parade shouldn't be as big as any other ones that take place across the country.
    • I just spoke to the city manager here in Marco Island.
    • A choir from the city manager's office, who were wearing a range of traditional outfits, entertained crowds.
    • The city manager and department directors have severance packages that include 18 months of salary.
    • The report, which landed in the city manager's office in March, notes a serious degradation of the sewerage conveyance and treatment works.
    • As a result Galveston was one of the first cities in America to have departments for things like water and sanitation and to function under the direction of a city manager.
    • Contentions by opponents that the measure will cover about 200 workers citywide were bolstered by a short report released by the city manager last month.
    • She proposed changes specifically to the section that addresses the roles of council members and the city manager.
    • The city manager, who was out of town on vacation, issued a weak statement taking full responsibility for the error.
    • Never mind that the city manager appoints the authority's entire board.
    • They tend, like the city manager quoted above, to see their communities as government property to be managed.
    • Implementation will be co-ordinated from the corporate planning unit in the office of the city manager.
    • He said while they were committed to co-operative governance he felt the city manager's hand had been forced in ordering the cut-offs.
    • The city manager had initially denied permission for this exercise.
    • It also provides for municipal officials to oversee and adjudicate tenders under the city manager, who then reports to council to exercise an oversight role on tenders awarded.
    • We have written to the city manager appealing to hold the rates at the current level and not to increase them.