Translation of civil in Spanish:


civil, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈsɪv(ə)l//ˈsɪv(ə)l/


  • 1

    • 1.1(of society, citizens)

      • Thus, the great civil rights movement of the 1950s and early 1960s developed independently of the labor movement.
      • And it is re-establishing the groundwork for again rationalizing a role for the military in civil political affairs.
      • The issue is no longer when civil unions will be recognized but what form they will take.
      • Specific mission requirements also require the additional task organization of military police, civil affairs, and aviation assets.
      • In its most basic form, civil affairs operators are concerned with two missions that are opposite sides of a single coin.
      • Just as in the great civil rights movement forty years ago, we shall overcome.
      • Post-war expansion to meet military and civil aviation requirements brought further significant innovations, but at considerable cost.
      • Ultimately questions of grace inform matters of polity, both civil and ecclesiastical.
      • The team is made up of about 60 military and civil affairs officers doing mostly humanitarian work.
      • As civil society is steadily developing, some of its elements continue to affect foreign policy.
      • A graduate of four military and two civil universities he has risen through the ranks from the time he was commissioned Second Lieutenant in May 1976.
      • But while they inculcated the maxims of passive obedience, they refused to take any part in the civil administration or the military defense of the empire.
      • The nation wasn't ready for a full civil rights movement.
      • In a world where civil disobedience was treated with toleration, that might be a good strategy.
      • Indeed, one civil engineer writing to the Irish Times this week expressed astonishment at the figure.
      • A medieval town dominated by fantastic architecture, it is a gem with ancient streets and alleyways punctuated by beautiful civil and ecclesiastical buildings.
      • In the course of that revolution, many things were done that would have been intolerable in the context of ordinary democratic politics and ordinary civil life.
      • The second use of the Law concerns civil matters.
      • But the link between civil aviation deals and military follow-ups is well established.
      • With the birth of civil and military aviation in the early 1900s, the focus of weather intelligence shifted from ballistics studies to aviation support.

    • 1.2(not military)

      (aviation/government) civil

    • 1.3Law

      (case/suit) civil
      • The personal applicant was a defendant in civil penalty proceedings in the Supreme Court.
      • With no criminal proceedings pending in the case, the family instituted civil proceedings.
      • When the activities of a public body, or individual, are relevant to a private law dispute in civil proceedings, public law may in a similar way provide answers which are relevant to the resolution of the private law issue.
      • The January 2003 agreement was signed prior to the commencement of any civil proceedings.
      • A case can come in the ordinary criminal or civil jurisdiction and constitutional matters might arise.

  • 2

    (remark/reply) cortés
    that's very civil of you es muy gentil de su parte
    • All sides are remaining civil, which is a very good thing.
    • Well I can't actually be civil to this programme so I won't elaborate.
    • I just wanted her to see me at the launch and maybe ponder that since she was going to keep running into me, it might pay to be civil to me.
    • The point of being polite or civil to another human being is not to demonstrate superiority, it is to demonstrate respect.
    • If he could only be civil to me, that would be a thing.
    • I am so incredibly civil to him that people often take me to task for it.
    • The conversation points may have been slight in content, but there is something to be said for taking the time to be civil to people.
    • How is it possible to be civil to people who constantly are placing you under assault?
    • But there's no reason why his children and I should not be civil to each other.
    • I think what happened last night is they were civil to one another.
    • As for her acting civil to me in the textiles room, I must say, it was nicer than being insulted (which I'm sure she was extremely close to doing).
    • On another note, I was reasonably civil to Dave today.
    • In other words, we need people to be civil to each other if social life is to function efficiently and with a minimum of unnecessary conflict and disruption.
    • Why are the British obsessed with tea and crumpets and being civil about things?
    • We're civil to each other, and we've worked together.
    • Whatever his problem may be, he does not belong in a service occupation if he cannot act in a civil and courteous manner toward his guests.
    • I'll be polite and civil to him, and I honestly don't think he wants anything more than that.
    • And the whole point of the movie is to ‘not be so selfish,’ but nobody acts civil to each other until the final moments.
    • Nonetheless, he was quite empathetic and was still civil to me.
    • It is a place where people are rude and in a hurry and don't know how to be civil to one another.