Translation of Civil List in Spanish:

Civil List


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    the Civil List presupuesto anual asignado por el Parlamento a la familia real
    • But of course it's not, because the Civil List money represents only a fraction of the Queen's annual income.
    • To cap it all, in the final run-up, a carefully leaked document revealed that the royal finances were in their best-ever condition and that the taxpayer will not be required to supplement the Queen's Civil List payments.
    • In return the monarch received a personal income voted by Parliament, the Civil List.
    • He voluntarily pays income tax at 40 per cent on his duchy income and, like Princes William and Harry, does not have an allowance from the Civil List.
    • He cemented his position by securing George a Civil List from Parliament of £800,000, considerably more than previous monarchs had received.

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    • Es la cantidad de dinero que el Parlamento británico acuerda asignar cada año al monarca reinante y a algunos miembros de la familia real, a fin de solventar sus gastos.