Translation of civilian in Spanish:


civil, n.

Pronunciation /səˈvɪljən//sɪˈvɪlj(ə)n/


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    (masculine and feminine) civil
    civilians were not affected la población civil no se vio afectada
    • People were brutally assaulted by police, and by civilians who acted in collusion to them.
    • Later they collected two dead and seven wounded civilians, among them women and children.
    • Forces on both sides frequently terrorized unarmed civilians suspected of sympathizing with the enemy.
    • Since then several arguments have broken out between soldiers and civilians in local pubs.
    • Locals claim the dead were civilians shot by snipers or caught in crossfire.
    • Bombing civilians in retaliation is ineffective and counterproductive.
    • The purpose of military action must be to relieve or avert gross physical harm to non-combatant civilians.
    • Eight more police and two civilians died when their vehicles ran over mines.
    • Her work included accompanying unarmed civilians being threatened by an armed group, serving as a protective presence.
    • Under the Geneva Conventions it is a war crime to target deliberately innocent civilians.
    • Nine civilians who were in the vicinity of such operations were also killed.
    • The war dragged on, costing the lives of many thousands of civilians and servicemen.
    • He reported personally witnessing at least 20 cases where soldiers had beaten or robbed civilians at checkpoints.
    • Most of the estimated 300 000 victims were civilians, according to the United Nations.
    • Authorities said at least 150,000 civilians fleeing the fighting needed emergency food and shelter.
    • It is apparent that there was no intent to harm civilians with the first electro-optical guided bomb.
    • As a result, more than six hundred civilians would be killed.
    • The awards are made to civilians and police officers who put their lives at risk to save others.
    • Now we too would go without uniforms, so as to mask our presence among the civilians.
    • The obligation to protect civilians accompanying the force falls mainly to the tactical commander.


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    (casualties) entre la población civil
    in civilian dress Military vestido de civil / de paisano