Translation of civilize in Spanish:


civilizar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈsɪvɪlʌɪz//ˈsɪvəˌlaɪz/

transitive verb

  • 1

    she was a civilizing influence on him bajo su influencia se hizo más educado
    • Both countries have a spying and military heritage, and both feel they have a mission to civilise the world.
    • It is the public places that civilize our cities.
    • They must take the lead in civilising our streets and reclaiming them for local communities.
    • The teens take the opportunity to refine and civilize the primitive man, and to give him the appreciation of modern education.
    • It is the way we have tried to civilise the world and we must not forget that.
    • His study begins with the apparent golden age of the press, when the press was, or rather thought itself to be, the chief instrument in the attempt to improve the people and to civilize society.
    • The question is: will acting out a social comedy in this colony really help to civilise them?
    • Moreover, through the use of space, light, colour and reinterpretation of archetypal forms such as modestly scaled internal courtyards, it manages to humanize and civilize workplace life.
    • Both responded to the story of Rome as the endlessly fascinating adventures of a people who thought of themselves as having a mission to civilize the world.
    • Abandoning humanity's civilising journey would surrender the world to the aggressors who rule by fear.
    • This program posts news to thousands of machines throughout the entire civilized world.
    • All civilized societies should provide aid to those unable to obtain the means of subsistence.
    • Now we need to apply that partnership further to improve Britain and make it a more civilised place.
    • He is a man of plain words, impatient with metaphor, fascinated by the structure of the land and evidence of early attempts to cultivate and civilise it.
    • At times like these, I feel the urge to move away from home and try to find a more civilized environment to live in.
    • Social reformers believed that carefully designed settlements would curb many of these excesses, help to civilise the navvy and improve his work rate.
    • There is clearly a major confrontation at the moment about how we in Australia find our own way to civilize global capital.
    • Imbued with the poetics of nature, comfort, wisdom and healing, it also recalls the heroic curved timber bridges of earlier eras that helped to link and civilise Canada's vast hinterland.
    • They must tame it, accompany it, humanise it, civilise it.
    • I think we can civilise global capital, provided we realize who the beneficiaries are, and as I say, they are the trade union members, the pensioners, the workers.