Translation of clandestine in Spanish:


clandestino, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈklændɛsˌtaɪn//klænˈdɛstən//ˈklandɛstɪn//klanˈdɛstɪn/


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    • Now they were ruled by silence, as if on their way to some clandestine meeting of which it was not permitted to speak.
    • So far, if the clandestine meetings had gotten any easier, it was only marginally.
    • In certain details every clandestine struggle is very much the same.
    • Their aid no longer had to be clandestine.
    • He switched on later to the lucrative clandestine trade of felling and smuggling of sandalwood trees.
    • She was a clandestine officer of the CIA and she had worked undercover around the world.
    • This is particularly true of those involved in clandestine or illegal activities.
    • Olga's clandestine meetings with Nicholai at Michael's home were becoming dangerous.
    • I agreed to act as though our affair were a secret, a clandestine drama to be hidden from the rest of the world.
    • Other clandestine links operate, smuggling arms and, according to the police, drugs into Northern Ireland.
    • But the other side of the story is of course, perhaps it is possible they were on some clandestine mission.
    • The clandestine route the escaped slaves traveled became known as the Underground Railroad.
    • We watched their clandestine purchasing and procurement network very carefully.
    • There were clandestine meetings in a shutdown youth centre, and journeys of many miles to seek out particular preachers.
    • The area is also a haven of illegal immigrants, the majority who are involved in the clandestine activities.
    • Indeed, it does appear to be the case that the clandestine nuclear weapons programme was initiated following that strike.
    • Some of the longtime members began organizing clandestine meetings to discuss grievances.
    • We used to hear a lot of rumours about such clandestine transactions.
    • Gathering his cast and crew, he plots a clandestine departure.
    • He then returned the plane to its home airport and vanished back into his clandestine world.