Translation of clapboard in Spanish:


listón, n.

Pronunciation /ˈklæpˌbɔrd//ˈklæbərd//ˈklabəd//ˈklapbɔːd/


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    listón masculine
    before noun clapboard house casa de (tablas de) madera feminine
    • Within ten minutes the stagecoach rocked back into motion and sent a cloud of dust and dirt and grit billowing skywards across the yard towards the gray clapboard building.
    • This courthouse consisted of a two-story woodframe building covered with clapboards, resting on a foundation of stone blocks.
    • I step over the yard toys and around the cross-country skis to reach the front door of the clapboard house on the shore of Lake Champlain.
    • Huddled clapboard houses substitute for the raw-plank architecture of the frontier town; an industrial bridge provides background sublimity in the absence of mountains.
    • The clapboard house had caved in and surrendered to saplings and vines.
    • As a result, the cottages echo the hotel's classical Georgian architecture, but vernacular details such as clapboard siding and wood porches are also evident.
    • In the clapboard houses radiating out from the youth center in San Jose, multiple families wedge themselves into cramped rooms and small garages.
    • The classical material of American building is wood and the characteristic structure is clapboard, frame surfaces of overlapping strips.
    • Eventually, we're directed to a clapboard hut on the edge of town where a pair of women in bright turbans stir two large cauldrons with paddles.
    • On March 20, 1854, the Republican Party formally came into being in this white clapboard building.
    • We passed one simple building after another, made of teak or covered with clapboards painted in pastel blue, yellow, peach or mint green.
    • The 41-year-old film maker had his own confusing memories of his father's infrequent visits, mostly nocturnal, to his mother's clapboard flat in Philadelphia.
    • The old districts with their brick sidewalks are full of lovely clapboard houses built by sea captains.
    • James pointed to a white clapboard building around the corner.
    • A lot of the clapboard on the north end of the house should be replaced.
    • Tombstone, an easy day trip from Tucson, does however offer one vision of Arizona's pioneer days: clapboard and adobe buildings, and, of course, re-enacted gunfights.
    • Could he really have been on his way to join Nathaniel's mother in her clapboard house outside Philadelphia?
    • There are no green-covered trees to shelter us from the icy north blasts, just the weathered clapboard of this rickety house.
    • White-painted cedar clapboards cover its gabled forms, which are topped by classic standing-seam metal roofs.
    • A retired farmwife emerged from her white clapboard house with a hearty midwestern hello.