Translation of classless in Spanish:


sin clases, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈklæsləs//ˈklɑːsləs/


  • 1

    (society) sin clases
    • He foresaw a classless society on the basis of his thesis of dynamic and dialectical interrelationship between the progress in the means of production and corresponding change in the mode of production.
    • He may have talked of having a classless society but the class divide is still there: he can't have been walking down the same streets as me.
    • In its supposedly classless society, it is the ability to speak English which acts as an unseen filter separating the winners from the losers, the haves from the have-nots.
    • They never really believed in the idea of the socialist, classless society, or even in the individual rights held dear by liberalism.
    • Funny how, in our much vaunted classless society, where everyone congratulates everyone else on how equal we have become, quarrels about elitism keep coming back.
    • For fear of repeating the mistakes of 1848, Marx paradoxically would have the working class draw its ‘poetry’ only from the future, from the promise of a classless society.
    • Don't pretend that you were born into a classless society where you just worked hard for what you got.
    • But maybe they nurture this belief that they live in a classless society and these status considerations conflict with that.
    • Consequently, the fundamental objective to create a classless society has already been vanishing.
    • Karl Marx thought that socialism or ‘the classless society’ that he dreamed of would be built upon the ruins of capitalism.
    • He introduced beatniks, hippies, and druggies as suitable cases for cinematic treatment, and consciously challenged Hollywood's reigning myth of a classless society.
    • For instance, it envisions a two-stage transition to a Communist classless society.
    • It pretends to be a classless society, but certainly there are class, or at least demographic, differences.
    • Communism will be, so it is claimed by Marx, a classless society.
    • In an age of the supposed classless society, there are still those who can buy a piece of Scotland and live like a monarch.
    • It is also a hefty rebuttal to anyone who believes America is a classless society.
    • A finer exemplar of the classless society would be more difficult to find.
    • Objecting to estate-tax repeal on the grounds that it benefits only the very wealthiest exposes leaders to charges of fomenting class conflict in our classless society, of being a divider instead of a uniter.
    • Even in our supposedly classless age, class remains an English obsession that refuses to go away.