Translation of clause in Spanish:


cláusula, n.

Pronunciation /klɔz//klɔːz/


  • 1

    (in contract, treaty)
    cláusula feminine
  • 2

    oración feminine
    cláusula feminine
    • When I get around to putting those clauses in a cohesive sentence, I'll get back to you.
    • Associated with these tendencies was a greater focus on single words, rather than on phrases or clauses.
    • Each experimental group was given instruction on the formation of only one type of relative clause.
    • This phenomenon is known as ellipsis and often occurs when clauses are conjuncted.
    • In each sentence above, two clauses are linked by clause-chaining without conjunctions.
    • I stripped the clauses and the phrases and dug into the dry dirt of my notes.
    • Such clauses reflect a growing English self-consciousness, partly expressed in linguistic terms.
    • What we really have here is an adjectival clause qualifying potentially a noun phrase or a noun.
    • I should have known as soon as they used a clause in a sentence it was a bad idea.
    • A grounded clause corresponds to the traditional category of finite clause.
    • A restrictive clause is one which limits, or restricts, the scope of the noun it is referring to.
    • Again, nearly all of the examples in both tables are integrated relative clauses.
    • Is it possible to use the following clauses when referring to the future?
    • The trick is to make the meaning slide ambiguously from clause to clause, from sentence to sentence.