Translation of claustrophobic in Spanish:


claustrofóbico, adj.

Pronunciation /klɔːstrəˈfəʊbɪk//ˌklɔstrəˈfoʊbɪk/


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    I got claustrophobic me dio claustrofobia
    • I was asked if I was claustrophobic and said ‘No, not really,’ something I regretted halfway through when I had a minor anxiety attack.
    • The equipment can also be used to sedate nervous and claustrophobic adults.
    • I'm claustrophobic as well so this is making a great combination right now.
    • "Great, now I'm starting to get claustrophobic," she whined.
    • A claustrophobic person would definitely have died here, I thought.
    • Once she had even told a teacher that she was claustrophobic just so that she would be able to sit by the window.
    • I suppose this would be a bad time to mention that I'm claustrophobic?
    • The fact that she was claustrophobic didn't help the matter in any way.
    • I am very claustrophobic, so all I was thinking was that the walls were going to cave in any minute.
    • I circled the rooms feeling slightly claustrophobic from all the exposure.
    • ‘They didn't seem that bad, but I'm not claustrophobic anyway,’ she said.
    • He does have panic attacks, which, if you are claustrophobic, is tough to watch.
    • It definitely didn't help if you were claustrophobic, that's for sure.
    • I had to get out of here; this place is making me claustrophobic.
    • Now is not a good time to announce that you're claustrophobic.
    • From his kicking and screaming, we seemed to have chosen the most claustrophobic member of the crew as well, but in time, he emerged from the inlet with the metal piece in hand.
    • No one likes to be put in a box; this especially rings true for claustrophobic artists who are trying to break through to a mainstream audience.
    • Two winged people inside a small space can make everyone feel slightly claustrophobic.
    • I had never been a claustrophobic person, but I believe that on that evening I was truly experiencing the classic symptoms.
    • ‘This job is great if you like mechanics, you're not claustrophobic and you don't mind getting wet every now and then,’ she said.