Translation of clawback in Spanish:


recuperación, n.

Pronunciation /ˈklɔbæk//ˈklɔːbak/



  • 1

    recuperación feminine
    • But some people who used the product to access the money tied up in their property face a clawback or a reduction of their social welfare payments.
    • Staff can begin liquidating holdings after three years, but may then be subject to a tax clawback, on a sliding scale.
    • Most of these attract allowances over a seven-year period, although a clawback of allowances can occur where there is a disposal within either 10 or 13 years, depending on the property type.
    • It is also subject to a clawback if sold before the expiration of the incentive period.
    • The relief is subject to a clawback if the property is disposed of within six years of receiving the gift or inheritance, he said.
    • If the property is sold before the end of this period, it may result in a clawback of the tax relief already granted.
    • The new president has promised to actively resist any clawbacks in pay, standards of living, and quality of life in the next phase of the partnership agreement, ‘without jeopardising economic viability and success’.
    • A sale within the same ten-year period also triggers a clawback.
    • The actual investment itself had to be for a period of five years if a clawback of the tax relief is to be avoided.
    • The city's incentives policies and practices always called for clawbacks and monitoring.
    • It is not clear at this stage if such commercial activities will have to continue over the life of the residential relief in order to avoid a clawback of the residential relief.
    • However, the Revenue then started a harsh clawback of the money that had supposedly been written off.
    • For investors to avoid any clawback of tax reliefs, the apartments must be available for students for a ten-year period.
    • The changes include a ‘poison pill’ in the form of a clawback on duty reliefs claimed on the transfer of the property into the target company.
    • A clawback deal was introduced last year, in an attempt to keep advertisers happy, whereby the station would split the cost of any increase above 14 per cent with the advertisers.
    • There will be a clawback of the allowances, in the form of a balancing charge, if the premises ceases to be used as a childcare facility within 10 years.
    • The top tax rate could be cut from 42 per cent to 40 per cent, but this may not be opted for, as it would be an unwinding of clawbacks made in the past two years.
    • Successful applicants will face a clawback if they sell the affordable house on within the first ten years.
    • However, there is a clawback if the child disposes of these assets within six years.
    • To qualify for the relief, the nursing home must be registered with a health board and it must be retained by investors for 10 years to avoid a clawback of the tax relief.