Translation of clay pigeon in Spanish:

clay pigeon

plato, n.


  • 1

    (de tiro) plato masculine
    before noun clay pigeon shooting tiro al plato masculine
    • For instance, a 100m sprinter will use different muscle groups and need instant bursts of strength and energy in his or her legs, while a clay pigeon shooter needs a steady hand and some upper body strength.
    • The event was a laser clay pigeon shoot at a holiday resort.
    • A clay pigeon shoot was also planned this autumn.
    • He's even something of a whiz with a shotgun, one freak poor performance in qualifying being all that denied him what had been presumed to be a guaranteed place in the British clay pigeon team at the 1960 Olympics.
    • Most shotgun owners have never harmed anything but a clay pigeon.
    • Add to this factor a flying clay pigeon that can be tossed at any height and from any direction and the games you can play are limited solely by your imagination.
    • I pressed my thumb hard against the button, sending a bright-orange clay pigeon soaring out of the dugout into the sky.
    • One was a two-day sponsored walk, the other was a clay pigeon shooting day.
    • On New Year's Eve, the couple could take a walk around the grounds of the 300 acre estate or join in the clay pigeon shooting challenge.
    • He liked a game of rugby union and was handy at a clay pigeon shoot, but after picking up the habit at Eton, his speciality was water polo.
    • This unrefined sugar derived from coconuts is a pain to use because it's usually found compressed into a hard disc basically indistinguishable from a clay pigeon.
    • I had a go at laser clay pigeon shooting which was great fun, and surprised myself by leading at one point.
    • Since Great Britain's Olympic successes last year in Sydney, clay pigeon shooting has become one of the country's fastest growing sports.
    • A young hot shot from Keighley is aiming high in his bid to join the clay pigeon shooting elite.
    • ‘My dad qualified for the Olympic team as a clay pigeon shooter a long long time ago, when he was a young man,’ she says.
    • For the more active there is an adjacent 18 hole golf course and other outdoor pursuits such as archery and clay pigeon shooting are possible in the grounds.
    • Only around 10 centimetres in diameter, the clay pigeon is shot at with 12-bore shotguns.
    • Shooting of live pigeons in the last part of this century was banned and clay pigeon shooting was brought in.
    • Other lots included a clay pigeon shooting day for a party of up to 16 and a holiday at a time share in Portugal.
    • He was a crack shot and it was a source of amusement to him that he once won a trophy at a clay pigeon shoot which he had sponsored himself.