Translation of clear-cut in Spanish:


dejar sin árboles, v.

transitive verbclear-cutting

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    dejar sin árboles
    • In western Washington, they are usually in areas that have been clear-cut, burned, or otherwise disturbed.
    • It has no policy on replanting forests that are being intensively clear-cut.
    • Indeed, some of them were whoppers like claiming areas had been clear-felled when they hadn't and putting misleading captions on photographs.
    • Erected to keep the company from clear-cutting their land, the barricade is reportedly the longest-running in Canadian history.
    • The international loggers have correctly perceived that, once they have paid for the lease, their interests are best served by clear-cutting the rainforest on their leased land.
    • Bog forests were essentially clear-cut and a large portion of the nutrient base supporting these forests was probably removed with the timber.
    • Who would want to go out and clear-fell it and convert it to pasture when the standing timber is the value?
    • They prefer unaltered forest, and populations generally decline after forests have been clear-cut.
    • One participant talked of how it takes a multi-national forestry company five seconds to cut a tree by today's standard clear-cutting methods.
    • So, even if we have not yet reached the point of clear-cutting the last proud acre of old-growth randomness, maybe it's not too early to consider the question of long-term supply.
    • Those who profit from clear-cutting hillsides contribute to the floods that sweep away the homes and crops of those living below.
    • First, the forest is clear-cut and burnt, and the soil tilled and treated with large quantities of lime to correct its natural acidity.
    • Multinational forest companies continue to regularly clear-cut old-growth forests, and biodiversity is rapidly waning.
    • It had been clear-felled some eighty years ago which meant that the trees were of a fairly uniform size.
    • In order to salvage the wood, huge tracts of upland forest were clear-cut.
    • However, much of the world's coffee is grown on large plantations that have been clear-cut out of the jungle.
    • Our choice was simply between wringing our hands against all logging or offering plantation thinning as a positive alternative to clear-cutting the old stuff.
    • The roadless rule was designed to stop the timber giants from clear-cutting these precious natural resources.
    • Vast tracts of this rich forest are now marked as timber coupes to be clear-felled.
    • When Northwest coniferous forests are clear-cut, hardwoods are often the first trees to grow in their place.