Translation of clear-sighted in Spanish:


de gran lucidez, adj.

Pronunciation ///ˌklɪrˈsaɪdɪd/


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    de gran lucidez
    • It requires a clear-sighted, historically-informed analysis and the clarification of essential political questions.
    • How is anyone able to make a clear-sighted judgement about retirement when both press and public conspire to blur the truth and even encourage us to go on beyond reasonable limits?
    • He provides a clear-sighted and sensible guide for anyone who finds himself in the media spotlight.
    • But behind the on-air enthusiasm and frisson of illegality, the station's founders were hard-headed realists driven by a clear-sighted aims.
    • What is needed is a clear-sighted reappraisal of where we stand, before we can plot a path forwards.
    • The book is a clear-sighted, yet compassionate, take on a whole gamut of issues.
    • We take it rather as a time for reflection and clear-sighted realism about how far the nation has progressed on the path towards freedom and democracy, and how much farther we still have to go.
    • A more clear-sighted perspective on the good in human life and a firmer grasp of how we might work together to attain it seem well worth the discomfiture of reorganizing our professional aims and self-understandings.
    • He is clear-sighted about the scale of his future ambitions.
    • The information on this site is fairly clear-sighted.
    • A love that is elastic as well as clear-sighted is likely to endure.
    • In ten years time people could be making a much more clear-sighted judgement.
    • Here too are many of the familiar themes - alienation, loss, connection, regeneration - that she explored so deftly and with such subtlety and clear-sighted compassion in her story collection.
    • This opening cluster of poems in the book advocates ‘not knowing’ as an elegiac mode of creative forgetfulness and of clear-sighted, forwardlooking memory.
    • I suggest that some people might find this theory credulous and at odds with the clear-sighted understanding of human nature in her work.
    • That prime ministerial statement had no vision; nor did it have any clear-sighted sense of purpose.
    • He was on good terms with the major novelists of his day: he greatly admired Thackeray, of whom he nevertheless wrote a clear-sighted study, and was a close friend of G. Eliot and G. H. Lewes.
    • There, he restated his belief that the panel marked the origin of French painting and amplified his earlier praises of what he saw as the artist's unabashedly clear-sighted reproduction of the hapless king's blunt features.
    • His speech was important, powerful and clear-sighted.