Translation of clearance in Spanish:


autorización, n.

Pronunciation /ˈklɪər(ə)ns//ˈklɪrəns/


  • 1

    autorización feminine
    (from customs) despacho de aduana masculine
    she has clearance to inspect the documents está autorizada para inspeccionar los documentos
    • to get / obtain clearance from sb conseguir / obtener autorización de algn
    • Once the controlling officer gives the clearance, the candidate can commence the test at the computer.
    • The company is still going through the process of receiving environmental clearance from the Environmental Management Authority.
    • Before doing any bike specific force work or high intensity intervals get clearance from your doctor.
    • A spokesperson for the Department of Agriculture said it only received clearance for grant aid in July and is processing 72 applications for the grant aid.
    • If the project gets clearance from the authorities concerned, the matches could be held during December and January depending upon availability of players, the sources said.
    • However, this had been hindered through highly bureaucratic and costly processes of sample clearance.
    • Once clearance has been authorized, it is imperative to receive proper instruction from a certified exercise professional.
    • Diving here requires clearance from the Ministry of Defence.
    • However, before going on any specific diet, please obtain clearance from your doctor.
    • The clearance process has taken somewhat longer than it took to do the studies in the first place at this point.
    • You may first enter the building before entering the unit and your service provider may need special clearance to enter the building or complex.
    • Post-menopausal women were required to obtain medical clearance from their physicians to participate in the study.
    • At the time the deal was struck, it had yet to receive regulatory clearance from British competition authorities.
    • Obtain clearance from your doctor if you've been inactive for six months or more; otherwise you can step right into this eight-week program.
    • The company obtained regulatory clearance for the merger from the US Federal Communications Commission last week.
    • Our patents clearance process makes sure we are not infringing the patents of anybody else.
    • Don't abandon your shelters until you're given clearance by the local authorities.
    • Other hurdles have to be got though, however, including clearance from the Mergers and Monopolies Commission, which is expected to deal with the issue fairly quickly.
    • They were awaiting clearance from head office and also from a contractor.
    • If you believe your husband is sincere in his permission, then you have a kind of moral clearance to proceed, if you choose to.
  • 2

    (free space)
    espacio (libre) masculine
    3m clearance on either side 3m de espacio a cada lado
    • They're raised with enough clearance so the penguins can waddle under them on the way to their burrows.
    • The crew chief for the parked aircraft was also observing the wingtip clearance and continued to signal to the marshaller that all was clear, giving a thumbs-up.
    • For street trees the minimum clearance is often specified by municipal ordinance.
    • The smooth curvature allows plenty of cornering clearance.
    • He watches for prop clearance and ensures the aircraft doesn't tilt while fuel is pumped into special bladders.
    • The wire rings add just enough space to create enough clearance between the boards, while still allowing us to put 16 boards in the lunchbox.
    • In all the designs we examined this time, the maximum clearance for riverborne traffic under the bridge would be around 4.5 metres.
    • Ground clearance is 205 mm and special features include a newly designed rear tailgate, a dash-mounted handbrake and a CD player as standard.
    • The machines can be grouped side by side with zero clearance between machines to make the best use of limited floorspace.
    • Times have changed and we've also got traffic flow to consider so there had to be enough clearance underneath for cars to pass safely.
    • One is to gain clearance above trees, houses and other obstacles that create turbulence and reduce the power of the wind reaching the wind plant.
    • Rear seat passengers have a decent amount of room for a car of this class, with lots of head clearance and no need to be squashed against the backs of the front seats.
    • Those 14 record entries are the most in history by a woman and included the first ever clearance of 6 feet.
    • We quickly stopped the aircraft, with clearance from an approaching obstacle but not much mental comfort.
    • Depending on the irregularity of the terrain, the operator can adjust both the ground clearance of the machine and height of each step.
    • Aren't there laws concerning boundary wall height, roof clearance, building from boundary distance?
    • And give your trees the same wide clearance - stay well beyond the driplines.
    • They should be perfectly lined up to allow the sash to have just enough clearance for free movement, but not too much.
    • The tunnel has been dogged by controversy over its clearance height, which is lower than the NRA's standard motorway bridge of 5.3 metres.
    • Unique in this segment are 15-inch wheels as standard, for improved ground clearance.
  • 3

    (of building land)
    desmonte masculine
    despeje masculine
    • Options include total demolition with redevelopment, total renovation or partial clearance and renovation.
    • This encompasses securing the site perimeter, demolition and site clearance, flood defences, sheet piling, public riverside promenade and plaza.
    • The extensive sale of royal forests and land clearance for agriculture also had their effect on the oaks.
    • Work started in spring of last year, with demolition, clearance and work to the new road lay-out.
    • In Greece, forest clearance and population increases led to severe soil erosion in the period 4000 to 3000 BC.
    • Work on the site, including demolition and clearance, will begin towards the end of this month.
    • They say the programme of tree felling and undergrowth clearance is being carried out at the wrong time of year, disturbing kingfishers, otters and bats.
    • The rebuilding costs automatically include an allowance for full central heating costs, demolition and site clearance as well as architect and surveyor fees.
    • The latest figures show the rate of forest clearance in the Amazon last year was the second highest on record.
    • From the 5th to the 12th centuries, agricultural land was created by forest clearance, or was reclaimed from marshland and the sea.
    • It will become a criminal offence to carry out damaging works such as road building, tree clearance or pond drainage without the consent of English Nature.
    • In this extensive process of clearance 40 graves were encountered and all of them opened.
    • But juniper trees were cut down during land clearances and for fuel.
    • The main threats now are the continuing effects of Dutch elm disease, clearance of mature trees and pollution from the spray drift of agrochemicals.
    • She aids him in everything from land clearance to castle building.
    • Traditional preferences together with modern equipment have resulted in the accelerated clearance of old growth forests.
    • However, even in Amazonia, clearance is not a one-way process; for every 3 ha cleared, perhaps one is reclaimed by forest regeneration.
    • Two hundred years ago the roe deer was extinct in England and Wales, the victim of over-hunting and forest clearance.
    • ‘We need government assistance to overcome forest theft and farm clearance as we can't do it alone,’ he urged.
    • The argument that the phrase referred only to building operations of a constructional nature and not to operations consisting in demolitions or site clearance was rejected.
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    (of stock)
    liquidación feminine
    • The container has since arrived in Valparaiso where they are awaiting customs clearance.
    • How did these wretched vehicles get customs clearance to enter the Philippines?
    • Neither had obtained prior entry clearance to the United Kingdom as required.
    • A widower, he wanted my help in getting entry clearance for his second wife, from Pakistan.
    • She was granted entry clearance on 11 th December, 1994.
  • 5

    (of check)
    compensación feminine
    • Finally the banks are going to be forced to come clean and speed up cheque clearance.
    • There are 8,000 banks across Europe, so it will be a number of years before the clearance systems can be fully integrated.
    • While I was waiting for the last item to go through cheque clearance I put a paperback book up, just to try the market.
    • The divergence in the transactions covered under the umbrella of money transfer orders contrasts with the system built around cheques and their clearance through banking channels.
    • For more than 11 days the six banks were excluded from the daily inter-bank clearance of cheques.
    • Without waiting for clearance of the cheques it issued the occupation certificate after which the trust stopped payment of the cheques.
  • 6

    (in soccer)
    despeje masculine
    • For the next five minutes it was all Stretford and it was down to some goal line clearances and the post to keep the score at 1-1.
    • There has also been talk of him leaving the club, but the Frenchman's worth was exemplified after 15 minutes with an extraordinary goal line clearance.
    • An early sliced clearance seemed to betray some attendant nerves.
    • Soft, sloppy goals caused by panicky clearances and unfocused defending have blighted their play.
    • City's third skipper of the current campaign capped an aggressive display with a number of fine clearances and his first goal of the season.
    • From a series of very well worked set plays St Mary's almost doubled their lead on four occasions only to be stopped by a series of goalline clearances.
    • Their first real chance of the contest came after 22 minutes of play in the first half but they were stopped by a goal line clearance.
    • But, two goalline clearances and some sensational saves ensured York stayed in sight.
    • Then they returned the compliment by charging down a goal line clearance to reduce the deficit to 31-21.
    • They kept battling and could have equalised, but great goalkeeping and a goal-line clearance saw them hold out.
    • He dances through again and is denied only by a last-ditch goal-line clearance.
    • However, if luck had to be on their side they would have won by a least another five goals as the crossbar and goal line clearances saved the home side from a hammering.
    • His run took him to the byline and his clearance only sent the ball running across the goalline.
    • He warns against carrying the ball across the face of the goal and urges all clearances that can't be made down-field to be directed to the sidelines.
    • A weak clearance fell to Rosser who blasted it low into the net.
    • But they then displayed the defensive lapses that have lost them so dearly this last month as a penalty and two goals from failed clearances cost them the match.
    • The striker's flick was instinctive and accurate enough to demand a goal-line clearance.
    • The ball was slipped to a free player who should have made the most of the open goal but he made a supremely confident and composed clearance off the goal line.
    • Around ten minutes into the second half, a testing series of corners was swung in underneath the cross bar requiring four goal line clearances in a frantic few minutes.
    • The only thing on the up for the hosts was their attempted clearance from defence.