Translation of clearinghouse in Spanish:


cámara de compensación, n.

(clearing house)


  • 1

    cámara de compensación feminine
    • It has been busy with the task of improving their financial markets, starting with the demutualisation and merger of their two exchanges and their three clearing houses in March 2000.
    • Money is increasingly coming to take the form of streams of information, plastic cards, and entries in the books of automated clearing houses.
    • Most of Europe enjoys same-day transfers but our only current option for a high speed service is to cough up between £15 and £20 for a clearing house payment.
    • One of the world's largest and most established automated clearing houses, it is at the heart of the UK payments industry.
    • The clearing house in ECC Dublin could forward your case to the Financial Ombudsman in Britain to look for a satisfactory solution.
    • It simply remits the cheque to the drawee bank through the clearing house, and transmits an advice of the receipt of the cheque to the collecting bank.
    • The checks issued by Bank A are cleared at the clearing house through earmarking the checks issued by Bank B, and vice versa.
    • At the clearing house each is offset by the next.
    • The clearing house for banks and building societies had planned to introduce an industry-wide scheme.
    • Another source which has yielded considerable information so far is the clearing house banks which process the movement of funds in and out of the Irish banking system.
    • All other nationalised and private banks, which are part of the clearing houses at the three places, will be able to provide the facilities to their customers at the existing service charges.
    • The people who sent me the e-mail said the money would be made available through an international clearing house.
    • It is interested in acquiring a clearing system or entering into a joint venture with a clearing house as part of its ambitious plans.
    • The exchange clearing houses would only give information on the location of the bank in which the title to the stocks was recorded.
  • 2

    (for information)
    centro de intercambio de información masculine
    • There is a great company that is essentially a clearing house for industrial promotional videos.
    • However, the sector is highly regulated through the EU, which in effect acts as a central clearing house and discussion forum for the industry's elective regulations and controls.
    • Warriors provide valuable services to your heroes and act as a clearing house for all manner of soldiers or creatures your heroes may need in order to beef up their armies.
    • The up-and-coming site aims to be the online clearing-house of athletic recruiting news.
    • It works as a kind of clearing house for business cards.
    • By 1890, the federal government had taken over the operation, and Ellis Island became the central clearinghouse.
    • The state will manage a web site and the drugs will only be sent after US doctors send prescriptions to a state sponsored clearing house.
    • The protocol establishes a biosafety clearing house for information about genetically modified organisms (GMOs).
    • We want to be of service to our community, to become a clearing house for newsy features of all aspects of living in Japan.
    • Government legislation is required to establish a national clearing house to oversee payments from electronic tags required by cars.
    • The bureaux will act as clearing houses for family and personal problems that arise from war conditions.
    • The office has established a clearinghouse of mentors who volunteer to help authors prepare their manuscripts for publication.
    • It is likely that the three majors will create such a clearing house, or contract with existing clearing houses in the telephony space, to perform this vital function.
    • As such she acts as a de facto clearing house for much of the material brought forth from academia on the topic.
    • Different end-user groups often make modifications without a central clearinghouse to monitor the impact on the infrastructure.
    • A seven million dollar system designed to help fight crime by acting as a clearing house for information held by the judiciary and law enforcement agencies is being developed, with the hope of implementing it at the end of next year.
    • Collectively, they have developed a wealth of resources and experience and have become a clearinghouse for information.
    • We're using NATO as a clearing house for information for individual countries.
    • The organization maintains an online database that serves as a clearing house of information for the global peatland-conservation community.
    • It's a new clearing house for information on why theoretical computer science matters, and how the current funding crisis affects the work that we do.