Translation of clergyman in Spanish:


clérigo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈklərdʒimən//ˈkləːdʒɪmən/

nounPlural clergymen

  • 1

    clérigo masculine
    • They were staffed by clergymen ordained in the Church of England.
    • Unsmiling portraits of Victorian clergymen have been found in Ripon Cathedral appeared to offer little excitement.
    • This autobiographical tale set in 1907 follows young Alexander and his sister Fanny as they struggle with their father's death and mother's hasty remarriage to an authoritarian clergyman.
    • His father became a clergyman in middle age and moved to a rectory in Ballymoney.
    • But despite the fact that he was an ordained clergyman of the Church of England, parish churches began to close their doors against him.
    • The heroes that emerge are not scientists and bomber pilots but rather the doctors and clergymen who tend the wounded and injured, and the victims who somehow manage to live on.
    • Stratford clergymen solemnized three marriages in February.
    • He was the son of a clergyman of great learning and virtue.
    • His obsession with evangelical Christianity made him want to become a clergyman like his father, so he tried to enroll in a theology school.
    • The widespread practice by which lay owners of advowsons nominally appointed a clergyman to several benefices at the same time, while the income from the benefices remained almost totally in their own hands, became illegal.
    • A new clergyman appointed to a York parish is well-equipped to heal the sick without the power of prayer.
    • There was once a time in America when all its writers seemed to be clergymen.
    • The feature tries to touch on some of the more controversial points of the Gospels that have been fiercely debated by academics and clergymen over the years.
    • A Baptist clergyman from Boston said it was a man's Christian duty to make money because of the good you can do with the money earned.
    • If talking to a friend or relative doesn't help, or is not an option, a clergyman may be helpful.
    • "I have always considered a clergyman as the father of a larger family than he is able to maintain" - from British writer Samuel Johnson.
    • Having divorced his mentally unstable wife, he finds that his interest in the life of the clergyman has waned.
    • The reverand has been for a quarter of a century a clergyman in Hampshire.
    • Two of the survivors were Christian clergymen, who underscore through their actions that Christian love and sacrifice are very important for many.
    • The clergyman participates in marriages chiefly as a witness.
    • This was reflected in such pictures as Pastor Hall (1940), a film based on a true story of a clergyman who speaks out against the nation's rulers.
    • It would be the responsibility of the clergyman him to the police.
    • Hhis father was probably an Italian nobleman, although he liked to hint he was the offspring of a high-ranking clergyman.
    • As the perpetual curate, he was in charge of a large if slightly unruly parish; evidence suggests that he was an active and conscientious clergyman.
    • They ended up at the Lodging House, where he befriended theological students and dreamed of becoming a clergyman himself.