Translation of click-through in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈklɪkθruː/


  • 1

    visita a un sitio web feminine
    • The commercial yielded 220 click-through inquiries.
    • Email is so cheap that they can make money even with almost no click-through.
    • The person who has typed in that keyword is clearly motivated to follow through, so you don't just get a click-through, you get a dramatically increased rate of conversion after the click.
    • Such click-through consumer response, of course, ideally offers the kind of direct, measurable results that advertisers ache for in an age of increasingly impotent mass media.
    • They will also pay either a flat rate per click-through to their sites or a percentage of each sales transaction that results from a click-through.
    • From the straightforward cover page to the easy click-through gallery of images, the publication proves again that less is more.
    • Sometimes a URL will have a redirection prefix which can be used to track click-through traffic.
    • It's not about the click-through; it's about what happens afterward.
    • So far my ads have not received any click-through traffic.
    • Those members then receive e-mail with a click-through link that takes them to a pre-filled voter registration form and envelope addressed to their local registrar.