Translation of cliff in Spanish:


precipicio, n.

Pronunciation /klɪf//klɪf/


  • 1

    precipicio masculine
    (by sea) acantilado masculine
    • He learned that conditions were treacherous and it was unsafe to go to the cliff edge.
    • The beach is only accessible by boat because of the sheer cliffs that surround it.
    • As the sun comes up here behind me, you can begin to see the ancient Buddhas in the cliffs.
    • They walked up a hill which seemed to go up forever and found themselves on the edge of a cliff.
    • We get ochres on the island, the white ochre is collected from the cliff edge of the beach.
    • She stood up quickly, without really knowing why, and walked towards the edge of the cliff.
    • He even moved closer to the set, like a lemming drawn to the edge of a cliff.
    • We can hear the saws of the fallers, still cutting above rock cliffs on the steep mountainside.
    • She took his halter and began leading him along the edge of the cliffs.
    • The other day, walking below on the edge of the cliff, we saw a rock wallaby at the side.
    • He floats for two days and when he nears the land all he can see are violent crags and cliffs.
    • Rugged cliffs were spread across the shore, their rough surface covered in random spots of deep green moss.
    • He imagined he could climb the rock face to the cliff above, run down the path and still get there before her.
    • The path hugs the cliffs in places, with steep drops to the sea, so care is needed.
    • The site is perched on the edge of a small cliff looking out over a rocky outcrop, the sea and a secluded cove.
    • He saw every side and shade and angle of the training business and to him it seemed like the view from a cliff's edge.
    • It is a land of mountains, moorland and hill pasture, with steep river valleys and cliffs.
    • His daughter's empty camper van was found parked at the edge of cliffs near her home in Cornwall.
    • Here they were faced with steep cliffs which they had to climb to get off the beach.
    • The water was also hundreds of feet below them, as they saw they were on the edge of a cliff.