Translation of climacteric in Spanish:


climaterio, n.

Pronunciation /ˌklʌɪmakˈtɛrɪk//klʌɪˈmakt(ə)rɪk//ˌklaɪˌmækˈtɛrɪk//klaɪˈmæktərɪk/


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    climaterio masculine
    • A transitional period occurs prior to menopause termed the climacteric or perimenopause.
    • Lock starts the chapter with an interesting historical review of the emergence of the female climacteric or menopause in medical and psychoanalytic discourse.
    • The climacteric arrived with a massive run on the pound.
    • Whatever the nomenclature, be it male menopause or climacteric or age related hypotestosteronaemia, men presenting with symptoms outlined in the box should be investigated.
    • At the climacteric, various symptoms such as forgetfulness, hot flush, depressive neurosis, abnormal sensation, and sleeplessness are often observed, due to hypofunction of the ovaries.