Translation of climax in Spanish:


clímax, n.

Pronunciation /ˈklaɪˌmæks//ˈklʌɪmaks/

nounPlural climaxes

  • 1

    clímax masculine
    punto culminante masculine
    • The only real complaint with Dark Water is with the disappointing epilogue that follows the intense climax.
    • Royalty was on hand at York Racecourse as the highlight of the May Meeting reached its climax on Knavesmire.
    • On this note, this year's Arab summit ritual reached its climax.
    • Only after four or five minutes does the music become loud, and then there is an intense climax, followed by a return to quiet strings, woodwinds and muted brass.
    • ‘That day was a culmination, a climax, the end of a very long road,’ Lewis later wrote.
    • Beginning almost teasingly, it builds to a thrillingly intense climax, Cave screaming that he's not afraid to die.
    • At the end of this book we are given a look into the future lives and deaths of the characters - a satisfying way to end after the intense climax.
    • It's hard to imagine more exciting climaxes than those three.
    • It was a cracking climax to an intense week of future fashion.
    • There is some lively melody, an intense climax, and a quiet ending to the movement, which is marked Lento.
    • The first is a richly layered carpet of sound that swarms out from the speakers, each track picking up pace to an intense climax.
    • Matters come to a head when the star is expelled from the team, leading to a climax at once disturbingly intense and morally dubious.
    • The culmination of that was an uplifting climax heightened by the emotional residue of what had gone before.
    • Glover also provides the eerie guitar noodling and intense emotional climaxes.
    • There is a magical moment when an intense climax suddenly becomes a barely audible, hushed pianissimo.
    • The match delivered an exciting climax after a total of 550 runs were scored by both teams but the result was not what South African fans wanted.
    • The tight Premier Division is heading towards an exciting climax.
    • After all, failure to do so could leave them as hapless bystanders in a game of musical chairs which may be nearing its climax.
    • The pope blessed the two crowns, and the ceremony reached its climax when Napoleon crowned himself and his wife Josephine.
    • He used the word ‘journey’ again and again especially as the speech reached its climax.
  • 2

    orgasmo masculine
    • Sexual climax or orgasm is the healthy, normal, inevitable, outcome of the three preceding stages.
    • The term ‘orgasm’ - derived from ‘organ’, meaning to grow ripe, swell, or be lustful - is applied equally to the sexual climaxes of women and men.
    • For a man, sex instinctively is a testosterone drive toward the ultimate release of climax.
    • Besides, so-called G-spot orgasms are different than clitoral climaxes.
    • Use this information as the basis for achieving a strong sexual climax and ejaculate.
    • He engages in foreplay, but suffers panic attacks before the climax.
    • Ejaculation is normally the climax in a male orgasm.
    • Dodd and I weren't the type that made love every night and attempted to have climaxes and get kids.
    • I want to make you know about sex, to feel thrilling climaxes.

intransitive verbclimaxes

  • 1

    to climax in sth culminar en/con algo
  • 2

    (have orgasm)
    tener un orgasmo
    • For some reason, I'm having trouble climaxing when we have sex.
    • There is also evidence that the uptake of sperm is increased when a woman climaxes.
    • A man may face delayed ejaculation because he is worried that he did not climax last time and is thus distracted from taking pleasure in the sensations.
    • Is it me he is thinking of when he climaxes, or them?
    • What if I involuntarily close my eyes while climaxing?
    • Some women would say they would like to climax every time, but feel they cannot expect or ask their male partner to satisfy their needs every time.
    • And they're not enjoying their orgasms, or they're finding it very difficult to climax.
    • However, she climaxed several times that first night, and continues to be multi-orgasmic whenever we have sex.
    • Many are unable to climax or only able to climax with the use of a vibrator.
    • Sipski and Alexander reported that 11 of 25 women with all levels of spinal injury were able to climax.
    • After all, the amount of time it takes a person to climax depends on the partner and the circumstances.
    • While ejaculation offered proof that a man had reached climax, a female orgasm was confirmed by physiological measurements such as heart rate and anal pressure.
    • Is my difficulty in climaxing a physical problem or a mental one?

transitive verbclimaxes

  • 1

    ser el punto culminante de