Translation of climb in Spanish:


escalar, v.

Pronunciation /klʌɪm//klaɪm/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (mountain) escalar
    (mountain) subir a
    (stairs) subir
    (tree) trepar a
    (tree) treparse a Latin America
    (tree) subirse a
    he slipped while climbing the north face se resbaló al escalar la pared norte
    • to climb Everest subir al Everest
    • he climbed the stairs with difficulty subió las escaleras con dificultad
    • she climbed the tree trepó / se trepó al árbol
    • He secured the hatch, bending the locking mechanism with a solid heel kick, and began climbing the adjacent ladder.
    • Alex began slowly climbing the stairs to his room.
    • We had just begun climbing the ghats; the view was beautiful and a cool breeze blew into my face.
    • I climbed the grand staircase to the nineteenth-century European paintings.
    • ‘I'll make sure no one steals our seats,’ he flashed a grin at him, and he began climbing the stairs.
    • I took the two glasses, one in each hand and began climbing the stairs.
    • The only way to reach the roof was by climbing the ladder that was inside the building itself, unless they climbed up the side.
    • She crossed the room and began climbing the stairs.
    • When I first arrived there, I climbed the stone staircase that wept in wintertime when it was cold and rainy, to the top floor.
    • The servants and live-in farm workers were not allowed to use the stairs but had to climb a ladder to get to their sleeping quarters.
    • In the glow of a hand-lamp Adriana climbed a wooden staircase to her room.
    • Ewan climbed up the ladder quickly, used to doing so, as he'd been climbing the same ladder for over six years.
    • He began to climb the ladder, and when he'd almost reached the top, he stumbled and fell.
    • Slowly, she began climbing the marble stairs, reflecting upon what had brought her to this point.
    • She let go of him and began climbing the ladder, glancing back now and then to make sure he was following.
    • His companion just rolled his eyes and began climbing the stairs, a bolt loaded into the small crossbow that he carried.
    • As she climbed the stairs she began to hear a shower running.
    • The order to come down, however, never reached many of the men who had climbed the staircases of the North Tower.
    • ‘I can always shoot the door open,’ she thought to herself as the began to climb the ladder.
    • Red began to climb the staircase to the third tower of the east wing, known affectionately as the correlation wing, used mainly for social events, conferences and the like.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    to go climbing hacer alpinismo
    • she climbed onto a chair/the table trepó / se trepó a una silla/la mesa
    • we climbed down off the roof bajamos del tejado
    • to climb into/out of bed meterse en/levantarse de la cama
    • he climbed into his pajamas se puso el pijama
    • (to car) climb in! ¡sube!
    • Space Tower Danny climbs onto Spain's tallest skyscraper, currently under construction in Barcelona.
    • The girl collected herself with obvious effort and climbed over the crushed door to stand beside the older woman.
    • The Pandora survivors managed to climb aboard tenders and reach the safety of a sand cay.
    • They had been forced to hide off the road twice since climbing out of the dung wagon the day before.
    • I can hear the bed squeak, see it move when she climbs over it.
    • The cranks on the deck were moved off quickly, while crew members climbed aboard the massive transit.
    • In her frantic efforts to climb back onto the dinghy, her claws ripped a hole in the gunwale.
    • One snap later and he was free, climbing upwards and outwards, the sprite's dagger clutched between his teeth.
    • He never touched her: until one night, piqued that he hadn't made a move, she climbed over the bolster herself.
    • Star pulled into her usual parking space and climbed out of her car.
    • When Bobby brought the team to a stop outside the O'Brien's farmhouse, Melinda moved quickly to climb from the wagon.
    • He parked in front, seeing as how her parents parked in the driveway, and climbed out, moving up the walk.
    • Emily bit her lower lip and nodded nervously; thinking he meant her to do it alone she moved to climb from his lap.
    • He was climbing high over the space yard when Jonathan's voice crackled in his ear.
    • As he moved closer to climb inside he saw her face lit up by the moonlight.
    • Ben tried to sound stern, but couldn't help smiling at the ball of energy climbing onto his lap.
    • In a mad dash of effort, Noman climbed over the board like lightning.
    • Only 190 people were seen climbing aboard, with many counted twice as they had bought return fares.
    • If Neil and the boys knew then what they know now, they'd likely have been far less interested in climbing aboard and strapping in.
    • When the water showed no signs of slowing, they scaled a ledge and climbed over an air conditioning unit to the hotel roof.
  • 2

    (path/aircraft/road) subir
    (path/road/aircraft) ascender formal
    (population/inflation/temperature) subir
    (temperature/population/inflation) ascender formal
    • Furthermore, that could climb as marketers find increasingly more ways to humanise our pets.
    • A winding gravel path climbs up through what will be a dense forest (the planting is still immature) to a big, noisy waterfall.
    • As every hour passes, the death toll from the most powerful earthquake in four decades climbs steadily.
    • Unemployment is climbing and investors are increasingly concerned.
    • The high-tech boom meant that people worked more, output increased, incomes climbed and tax revenues followed suit.
    • This climbs steadily before veering E, traverses back below a steep section and turns right again to cross the E ridge of the hill.
    • The break was a long gulley, and the road climbed precariously and steeply along its edge.
    • The track climbs steeply towards the summit and lucky for us we had excellent weather and were able to see halfway across Tasmania from the top.
    • The path now climbed stiffly, switching back and forth on the steeper sections, otherwise crossing the face of the right hand valley wall.
    • Hiking around the ranger station, the pair came across some ski tracks climbing up through the timber toward the north face.
    • By far the most common crime was larceny but the figures for violent crimes by girls also climbed steadily from the late 1990s onwards.
    • There are a few kilometres of olive groves before the road climbs up the hill on which Mevo Dotan is located.
    • Turn left at the cottages and the lane climbs gradually and swings right past houses.
    • Why sell cheaply, if their petrol inventory is about to climb 10 per cent in value?
    • Let's name the women who have climbed to power globally and look at whether they were mothers, or single.
    • The track climbs through birch trees and crosses a small gorge before dropping down to the shoreline again.
    • This is when values are climbing fastest and sentiment is most bullish, which means the market is getting ready to reverse.
    • The bridleway climbs above the road and rejoins it further up at a gate.
    • It is the highest rally in the series, the undulating roads climbing to more than 2700 metres on hillsides awash with cacti, pine trees and river crossings.
    • The broad path climbs steeply and follows a line of green/blue/white marker posts towards the broad south ridge of Beinn an t - Sidhein.
    • My efforts were rewarded by an increasing ability to climb to more advanced levels.
    • The company's shares had climbed steadily in value over the preceding two months to a historic high at the end of the year.
    • Of course this is a toll that has been steadily climbing.
    • The path climbed modestly to Chunyang Hall, then descended to Shengui whose lovely wooden pavilion stands on a plinth in a three-sided courtyard.
    • Join this track which climbs quite steeply and zigzags left continuing to climb above the valley.
    • Since hitting the floor last year, its value has steadily climbed again in line with a general recovery in the sector.
    • Butter prices have also experienced sharp increases recently, climbing to $2.36 a pound.
    • The road climbed for more than a mile before becoming flatter and more level.
    • Their road climbed now, winding around a hill crowned with palaces of gleaming marble.
    • Everyone wants to climb upwards, leaving the past behind, indulging in new creature comforts.
    • In other words, if you opt to take a discount, you're gambling that if rates do climb, they only increase by a little so that you still beat the fixed offers.
    • When they see home values climb, they feel less need to save for the future.
    • Passenger-train performance began to climb, increasing steadily into the 1990s.
    • Speculation the Bank of Japan would attempt to weaken its currency increased after the yen climbed to a three-year high against the dollar last week.
    • The number of confirmed cases over the week climbed steadily.
    • Just past the village of Pilar, the road climbs steeply and begins a wide curve.
    • The road went no higher, but a track climbed through the heather.
    • The sun was still beating down, the road was still climbing, my body was still depleted, and yet it felt easier.
    • Leaving the boardwalk, the track climbed through forest and past a small waterfall.
    • Part of the reason for the cancellation was that the cost of a helicopter had climbed from 12 million a piece to 59 million.


  • 1

    subida feminine
    Sport escalada feminine
    it's a steep climb to the top es una subida empinada hasta la cima
    • a difficult climb for beginners una escalada difícil para principiantes
    • After a while we began a gentle ascent of the Little Homer Saddle, the only climb in the whole walk.
    • The route for the trek is in the area of Glenkeen Upper with steep climbs over wild mountain tracks.
    • On my second afternoon, I joined a friend who lives in Cape Town to do the climb of Table Mountain.
    • They are his logbooks chronicling his walks and climbs, some of them twice, to the summit of every Scottish mountain over 3,000 ft.
    • The sun played hide and seek in the mountains as the climb increased towards Kausani.
    • Day two brings an unbroken hike that includes climbs totalling some 2,500 ft.
    • With this ascent, a climb I had done many a time before, I felt as though I were awakening every muscle in my body!
    • When I felt at least halfway awake, I began the tricky climb up the mountain of hay bales to bring down fresh ones.
    • Instead of continuing their climb up the mountains, they walked through the valley.
    • At Beamsley I turned right and began the steep climb up Howber Hill.
    • Is it the demanding climbs or long walks over rough ground that provide the thrill?
    • After a bit of easy walking passage a small climb up over a muddy choke gains a corner with some fine formations.
    • The easy walk was a shorter version of Jim's walk, and both walks finished with the climb to Hoad Hill and the Barrow Monument.
    • Although it was by no means the steepest climb of the trek, it was still one of the most strenuous.
    • Until the final climb, nothing we did on the mountain compared with the demands of the Trail.
    • At 83, he still loves the mountains and the challenge of the climb but expressed concern at how the expeditions now are so commercialised.
    • The mountain is one of the hardest climbs of the Tour de France.
    • A climb up the mountain of Namsan just three miles out of town will leave you gasping for breath.
    • In mythology, the steep climb up the mountain is the seeking of the masculine spirit in ourselves (for men and women).
    • It's a long climb, a brutal ascent by any standard, but that severity is the mountain's saving grace.
  • 2

    ascenso masculine
    subida feminine
    • This painting captures the height of the grassy climb, looking down over the white chalk cliffs to the water.
    • At the top of the grassy climb you will come across this monument.
  • 3

    ascenso masculine
    to go into a climb iniciar un ascenso
    • I then pulled out the pocket checklist for bird strikes, and my instructor called for a climb to 5,000 feet.
    • Within half an hour the winds calm down, as cu's form over the launch and pilots report getting good climb rates under the cu's.
    • The main requirements for the design of the Spitfire was that it had to have have eight guns and an excellent rate of climb.
    • Also you pull in more than is desirable or necessary for the optimum climb rate when you're on the control bar.
    • Just for fun I tried to get an idea of what could be the maximum climb rate thermals on earth could provide.
    • It is capable of climb rates up to 10,000 feet per minute and can fly as high as 50,000 feet.
    • We started a cruise climb to 31,000 feet checking the winds as we went along.
    • The take-off is flawless; a steep climb has the aircraft high by strip's end to avoid the possibility of ground-fire.
    • I think a comfortable climb rate for a paraglider from a ground tows is 500 fpm.
    • After a few seconds - which seemed like hours - the aircraft started a shallow climb.
    • As we stabilized our climb through 1,500 feet, I told my RIO the VDI was out.
    • Approach requested a climb to 2,000 feet and vectored me 90 degrees off the final bearing.
    • Continuing to take-off with one engine failed requires pilots to make adjustments to the aircraft and the rate of climb to reflect the loss of power.
    • My actual climb rate while flying straight in lift was higher than my average climb rate in thermals.
    • The vario measures altitude, temperature and rate of climb.
    • He correctly put the aircraft into a climb at the appropriate time, and release was also good.
    • Graham cleaned up the aircraft for single-engine climb and took the flight controls.
    • At the end, I swoop up again and bank left, taking the aircraft in a steep climb over the surrounding hills.
    • This is particularly obvious in the Eleonora's falcon, which has an extreme climb rate for its size.
    • The lead aircraft coordinated a climb with the tower controller to hold over the airport at 2,500 feet.