Translation of climb in Spanish:


escalar, v.

Pronunciation: /klaɪm//klʌɪm/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (mountain) escalar
    (mountain) subir a
    (stairs) subir
    (tree) trepar a
    (tree) treparse a Latin America
    (tree) subirse a
    he slipped while climbing the north face se resbaló al escalar la pared norte
    • to climb Everest subir al Everest
    • he climbed the stairs with difficulty subió las escaleras con dificultad
    • she climbed the tree se subió al árbol

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (to car, clamber)
    to go climbing hacer andinismo Latin America
    • she climbed onto a chair/the table trepó / se trepó a una silla/la mesa
    • we climbed down off the roof bajamos del tejado
    • to climb into/out of bed meterse en/levantarse de la cama
    • he climbed into his pajamas se puso el pijama
    • (to car) climb in! ¡sube!
  • 2

    (path/road/aircraft) subir
    (path/aircraft/road) ascender formal
    (inflation/population/temperature) subir
    (population/temperature/inflation) ascender formal


  • 1

    subida feminine
    Sport escalada feminine
    it's a steep climb to the top es una subida empinada hasta la cima
    • a difficult climb for beginners una escalada difícil para principiantes
    • The servants and live-in farm workers were not allowed to use the stairs but had to climb a ladder to get to their sleeping quarters.
    • He secured the hatch, bending the locking mechanism with a solid heel kick, and began climbing the adjacent ladder.
    • I climbed the grand staircase to the nineteenth-century European paintings.
    • He began to climb the ladder, and when he'd almost reached the top, he stumbled and fell.
    • She crossed the room and began climbing the stairs.
    • Ewan climbed up the ladder quickly, used to doing so, as he'd been climbing the same ladder for over six years.
    • I took the two glasses, one in each hand and began climbing the stairs.
    • When I first arrived there, I climbed the stone staircase that wept in wintertime when it was cold and rainy, to the top floor.
    • As she climbed the stairs she began to hear a shower running.
    • The only way to reach the roof was by climbing the ladder that was inside the building itself, unless they climbed up the side.
    • His companion just rolled his eyes and began climbing the stairs, a bolt loaded into the small crossbow that he carried.
    • Red began to climb the staircase to the third tower of the east wing, known affectionately as the correlation wing, used mainly for social events, conferences and the like.
    • Alex began slowly climbing the stairs to his room.
    • The order to come down, however, never reached many of the men who had climbed the staircases of the North Tower.
    • Slowly, she began climbing the marble stairs, reflecting upon what had brought her to this point.
    • In the glow of a hand-lamp Adriana climbed a wooden staircase to her room.
    • ‘I'll make sure no one steals our seats,’ he flashed a grin at him, and he began climbing the stairs.
    • She let go of him and began climbing the ladder, glancing back now and then to make sure he was following.
    • ‘I can always shoot the door open,’ she thought to herself as the began to climb the ladder.
    • We had just begun climbing the ghats; the view was beautiful and a cool breeze blew into my face.
  • 2

    ascenso masculine
    subida feminine
  • 3

    ascenso masculine
    to go into a climb iniciar un ascenso