Translation of climber in Spanish:


escalador, n.

Pronunciation /ˈklaɪmər//ˈklʌɪmə/


  • 1also rock climber

    escalador masculine
    escaladora feminine
    (mountaineer) montañero masculine
    (mountaineer) montañera feminine
    (mountaineer) alpinista feminine
    (mountaineer) andinista masculine Latin America
    • There are cross-country rally champions, and aviators and mountain climbers too.
    • The Himalayas make Nepal a favorite destination for mountain climbers.
    • A pointed archway at a bus-stop told mountain climbers that they were less than an hour away from the hills.
    • The next year, they seized four American mountain climbers in Kyrgyzstan, though the hostages escaped after six days.
    • But his stock rose rapidly as he remained in yellow for a remarkable 11 days, even matching some of the world's best climbers in the mountains.
    • As the story unfolds, we see the vicious weather conditions the mountain climbers faced, while also peering into their inner realities.
    • The pair, who are experienced climbers, chose the mountain to improve their winter mountaineering skills.
    • This instrument is a favourite tool of the armed forces and mountain climbers all over the world.
    • Dai Yun, one of China's premier mountain climbers, recalls the thrill of tackling his first hill.
    • Sherpas, the Himalayan locals living in the borders of Tibet and Nepal, challenge the mountain routinely when assisting climbers and also deeply subscribe to this belief.
    • Each year they receive dozens of calls reporting lost walkers, stranded climbers or injured mountaineers.
    • Joe used to say he was as likely to get killed in a car crash as on a mountain, and many climbers still echo that sentiment.
    • At least two of the climbers remain on the mountain with minor injuries.
    • We have had a long history of walkers and climbers coming here and we would certainly welcome the mountain bikers.
    • Does it honor the fastest climbers of our highest mountains?
    • The job was 90 per cent completed by the 30 or so volunteers who worked their way through the stands like mountain climbers on the Matterhorn.
    • Although Greig is interested in why mountain climbers want to climb, he is more interested in why we are so fascinated by their reasons.
    • The climbers will ascend the mountains of Ben Nevis in Scotland, Scafell Pike in England and Snowdon in Wales as part of their trek.
    • A good example is the Denali fee, which affects both climbers and ski mountaineers.
    • He gazed at the beautiful mountain that so many climbers had attempted to conquer; some had succeeded and many did not.
  • 2

    enredadera feminine
    trepadora feminine
    • The labourers' children took me on a guided tour and we inspected the coffee plants, pepper climbers and orange trees.
    • Terraces brim with pot plants and climbers - honeysuckle, hydrangeas, lavender.
    • Winter usually brings strong winds so it is a good idea to check that vulnerable plants and climbers are firmly attached to their supports.
    • In imperial gardens especially, large rose gardens were planted and fragrant climbers adorned pavilions.
    • For many varieties, particularly the old garden roses and many shrubs, climbers, and floribundas, the plants' natural system will prevent winter damage.
    • Keep on planting hardy deciduous climbers, hedges and shrubs while the conditions are good.
    • It is surprising the number of novice gardeners who don't get around to planting climbers until they have been ‘at it’ for a few years.
    • Tie in clematis and other vigorous climbers like summer flowering jasmine.
    • Most of the plants are climbers and have tendrils opposite leaves on the shoots, the grapevine being representative.
    • Check ties on climbers and wall plants, replacing any that have come loose in high winds.
    • For example, place climbers and ramblers along fences, trellises, or next to arches or pergolas.
    • Natural climbers such as clematis, Dutchman's pipe, and kiwi vines only need to be redirected as required.
    • A popular shrub rose that can be trained as a climber is Constance Spry with huge clusters of pale pink blooms.
    • The horticulturist suggests that hardy native ferns, philodendrons, climbers and sphatiphylum are ideal for rock garden settings.
    • A slighter top is made with thinner pieces such as larch poles, and the whole is planted with free growing climbers.
    • When planting tree roses, climbers or ramblers with long stems, tie them to stakes or supports immediately after planting.
    • Prune vigorous climbers and ramblers after flowering.
    • Most clematis are climbers by nature, and because they are not self-supporting, they will happily wander up any nearby plant or support.
    • Incidentally, if you are planting a climber against a wall, position it at least 15 inches away from the wall.
    • More than 20,000 smaller trees and shrubs of varying types will also be planted, including climbers trained across the environmental barrier.
  • 3also social climber

    arribista feminine
    trepador masculine
    trepadora feminine