Translation of clip art in Spanish:

clip art

imágenes clip art, n.


  • 1

    (printed illustrations)
    imágenes clip art masculine
  • 2

    clip art masculine
    • Whether you create your pictures yourself, scan them, use clip art, or pay big bucks to a professional artist, plan on having some source of artwork.
    • However, now that I can make my own, I've been thinking of all sorts of different ideas using my own pictures and my collection of clip art.
    • A full installation requires over 450MB of drive space, not counting operating system, games, clip art or additional fonts.
    • You can draw or create images using six sets of clip art supplied in the picture message folder, and then send them on to other compatible phones.
    • I also like the fact that I can create unique labels using clip art from any graphic file, including my own personal photos.