Translation of cloak in Spanish:


capa, n.

Pronunciation /kloʊk//kləʊk/


  • 1

    capa feminine
    under a cloak of secrecy bajo un manto / un velo de secreto
    • under the cloak of respectability bajo una capa de respetabilidad
    • Under the cloak of darkness, they can slip into a cocoon of overhanging foliage.
    • He did testify about the cloak of secrecy regarding the health of justices, but not about his own condition.
    • They might be saying little in public but under the cloak of anonymity plenty of harsh words are being uttered.
    • And we would also see trivial or mischievous claims being pursued, under the cloak of anonymity.
    • The result is that error cannot be acknowledged and must thus be hidden under the cloak of the papal claim.
    • He was playing to their lusts and desires, disguised in a cloak of religion.
    • A government espousing this view wraps the cloak of secrecy around itself.
    • Upon returning from any expedition, pochteca always enter the city under the cloak of darkness.
    • The book concludes with a riveting chapter on terrorism under the cloak of other religions.
    • None of this explains the cloak of secrecy the FBI has thrown over the whole affair.
    • If the cloak of secrecy is ever lifted from this dirty affair, there are some obvious questions.
    • They wished to hide behind the cloak of something invisible, to conceal the vacuity of their tall stories.
    • By opening up the doors it will help us to hold ministers to account, and make it more difficult for them to hide behind the cloak of secrecy.
    • It was a land of nothing, a land hidden behind cloaks of mist, and where noise was but a wisp of a dream that flitted through the mind.
    • If you are telling me we are hiding under the cloak of Parliament, you are telling me that we should have no laws.
    • The cloak of secrecy that is being thrown around the military and intelligence offensive is another related cause for worry.
    • A value-judgement is therefore implicit in the use of this method, though disguised under a cloak of objectivity.
    • There are people who take action and people who stay hidden behind a cloak of anonymity.
    • They wait for the new moon and then, under the cloak of darkness, they cross the ‘wall of mouths’ to settle on a reef.
    • No, they are not animals, they are evil demons who hide under the cloak of kindness and normality while they hatch their plots.

transitive verb

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    (purpose/activities) encubrir
    to be cloaked in sth estar envuelto en algo
    • the city was cloaked in darkness la ciudad estaba envuelta en un manto de oscuridad
    • the whole affair was cloaked in secrecy todo el asunto estuvo rodeado de un velo / un manto de secreto