There are 2 main translations of close in Spanish

: close1close2


próximo, adj.

Pronunciation /kloʊs//kləʊs/


  • 1

    • 1.1(near)

      the closest bank is in Front Street el banco más próximo / cercano está en Front Street
      • at close range / quarters de cerca
      • close to sth/sb cerca de algo/algn
      • the closest city to Cambridge la ciudad más próxima / cercana a Cambridge
      • A car park facility in close proximity to it would be a considerable advantage to the many people who visit it on a regular basis.
      • Our guide kept moving at the same pace, and didn't turn back to face us, or give us any sign that our destination was close at hand.
      • If you decide not to allow smoking in the reception area, how close is the nearest place for a smoker to go?
      • The Sentinel banked and turned to line up with their relatively close destination.
      • Louisa takes off and does the same, with Grace following in close pursuit.
      • It is much smoother and more intimate than the ballroom tango, with the couple's upper bodies close together and lower bodies apart.
      • Even those working in towns are usually close enough to go home for lunch, as do farmers.
      • Indeed the Fairgreen Shopping Centre, Carlow Retail Park and the town centre are very close.
      • As he sits down in the family's small room, explosions can be heard from a close neighbourhood.
      • When the officer was close enough he reached out and grabbed Danny's ankles tight, pulling him forward.
      • A few people, almost invariably working in close proximity to birds, have been infected and become seriously ill.
      • I could hardly tell exactly what it was, but it was very close and was a highly concentrated light.
      • A move to the village would give the Duchess her independence while allowing her daughters to be in close proximity to their father.
      • In the small, tight world of the judo competitor your opponent is very close, at arms length or less.
      • Her warm body was so close, his hands around that slim waist were gently squeezing and caressing her.
      • If you don't like the weather this winter, a change is as close as your nearest airport.
      • When moving home last summer we made sure our new house was close to a good primary school.
      • Sometimes two different logging roads are close enough to be within radio range.
      • Tessa cooks the evening meal, but the nearest town is close if clients wish to eat out occasionally.
      • I was pretty close, though I still couldn't see the skyline of New York.

    • 1.2

      (shave) al ras
      (shave) apurado
      that was a close shave / call se salvó (/ me salvé etc. ) por un pelo / por los pelos informal

  • 2

    (link/connection) estrecho
    (contact) directo
    a close relative un pariente cercano
    • they are close friends son muy amigos
    • his closeest friends and family sus amigos y familiares más allegados
    • they've always been very close siempre han estado muy unidos
    • a source close to the government fuentes allegadas / cercanas al gobierno
    • they were close collaborators mantenían una estrecha colaboración
    • We're nowhere near as close as we used to be, but I enjoy talking to her all the same.
    • I enjoyed living in the country and valued the close friends I made there.
    • From 1754 he took up farming but maintained his scientific interests, being on close terms with Joseph Black.
    • We're very good friends and very close but he doesn't spare me either.
    • I'm close to all my children, but Rupert and I were especially close.
    • My close friend and confidante was my cousin Kitty, the closest to me in age and the only other girl.
    • I had a low point towards the end of last season and that is why I was close to leaving the club, but now I am at my best ever level.
    • There were several occasions when they acted so stupidly, I came close to shouting at the screen in frustration.
    • You know, I always joked I had a million acquaintances and only a couple of close friends.
    • Little by little however, she seemed to get comfortable with the fact that I wanted to be close and intimate with her.
    • I was hardly aware of opening my locker and being surrounded by my pack of close confidants.
    • He might well go close to emulating his feat on the course last week when he won four races on the card.
    • Sanjay himself is not a great party-goer; he prefers small gatherings with a few close friends.
    • ‘I wouldn't say the club came close to closing over the last seven years, but we have had some very trying moments, particularly last season,’ he states.
    • I have only told one of my close friends about what happened.
    • The attempt nearly succeeded as he was close to being able to get his head through the hole.
    • From a professional friendship, their relationship has evolved into a close intimate friendship.
    • You tried to make friends with one of my close and dear friends, who also, as you knew, loved me.
    • He was close to tears in breaking the news to me over the telephone.
    • The tragedy of the situation is how close the company has come to being a financially sound airline.
    • He and his sister were close and her death affected him so strongly that friends initially feared for his own mental health.
    • Specialist poultry breeders are close to ruin because of the current outbreak of foot and mouth disease.
    • The two of them had been close since childhood, and he had had a lifelong crush on her.
    • He said the situation had got so bad that many drivers were close to breaking point.
    • John Morgan, a close friend, said he was shocked by the news but admitted that Charles's health had deteriorated recently.
    • Not surprisingly, close friends of his called during the interview to congratulate him on the promotion.
    • At the age of 16 a close friend of mine died from drug abuse over a prolonged period.
  • 3

    (in similarity)
    it's not the same color but it's a close match no es el mismo color pero es casi igual
    • he bears a close resemblance to his brother se parece mucho a su hermano
    • that's the closest thing to a hammer I've got esto es lo más parecido a un martillo que tengo
  • 4

    • 4.1

      (weave) tupido
      (weave) cerrado
      (print) apretado
      in close order en formación cerrada
      • It was slow work, for the trees were close, and in places dense with the bare vines and stalks of undergrowth.
      • If the agreement is in writing it may be in very close print on the back of a delivery docket or ticket.
      • He pulled out a sheet of thin blue paper covered in close type.

    • 4.2

      (reasoning/argument) riguroso
      (translation) fiel

    • 4.3British Sport

      de pases cortos
      • It was a close contest, without doubt, and both men deserve credit for a decent heavyweight championship bout.
      • In a fixture which has historically been a close contest, the Blues scored ten tries as their backs tore Loughborough apart.
      • This was close fight and would have been even tighter without the points deducted.
      • In the county juvenile championships there was plenty of excitement and some very close contests.
      • It's going to be a close contest.
      • The tight 1.5 mile circuit promises close racing action for all four classes of cars.
      • The 1973 legislative elections were very close, and the vote of the right was squeezed by the left as its realignment paid off.
      • After a close fight, the crowd becomes frustrated to hear the official verdict.
      • I hope the matches this week are close, competitive and courteous.
      • While Stevens built up a comfortable lead by the end of the race, behind him the competition for podium places was exceptionally close.
      • If the large crowd thought that the first half was a close contest the second half was to be an even closer affair.
      • The layout of the track lends itself to tight, close racing which is always good for the fans.
      • The South Yorkshire club has won the League Championship more than any other side in recent years so a close contest can be expected.
      • While she was pleased with the result she was also relieved at having come through after such a close contest.
      • It will be a different kind of challenge from previous races, with really close racing in a big pack of cars.
      • This was a very close contest all through with never more than a point or two between the teams at any time.
      • But I am conscious of the fact that we lost all three matches by very narrow margins and winning the close matches becomes a habit.
      • I remember once backing a horse called Tied Cottage for the Irish National, which came second in a very close race.
      • This was a very close and exciting game with a large number of supporters crowding the field to cheer on their teams.
      • It was a close competition as there was so much artistic talent on display on the day.
      • A meeting between these two sides are always very close and tight and this clash will be no different.
      • This left the overall result very close, but the winner was Steve Mascari with a total of 31 pts.

    • 4.4

      (fit) ajustado
      (fit) ceñido

  • 5

    (strictly guarded)
    it was kept a close secret se mantuvo en el más absoluto / riguroso secreto
  • 6

    (study/examination) detenido
    (study/examination) detallado
    to pay close attention to sth prestar mucha atención a algo
    • to keep a close watch on sth/sb vigilar algo/a algn de cerca
    • on closer inspection, I found that ... al mirarlo mejor / más de cerca vi que ...
    • Both men were hit by debris from accidents and Sunday's Malaysian Grand Prix will be under close scrutiny.
    • What it means is this deserves very careful attention, a very close investigation.
    • It is, however, a claim that does not bear too much in the way of close scrutiny.
    • Details are being kept a close secret until press day at the show.
    • At last week's full council meeting she called for close monitoring of the situation by the county council.
    • The third part of the trilogy is being kept a close secret.
    • This can be a major source of error if you're not keeping close track of what every letter stands for.
    • Samuel had to be treated for several infections and was kept under close observation in case his condition changed.
    • They announced the pregnancy in January after their romance had been kept a close secret.
    • Today, he can eliminate some of the crime prints just by having a close look at them.
    • We'll take a close look at the tightest races across the country with our political panel.
    • Every year, the Sowdens and the Waites put up their displays on the same day, but keep them a close secret until they are finished.
    • Doctors said she wakened after the surgery and was being kept under close observation.
    • A close examination of the group's claims has revealed serious holes.
    • Despite a lack of wind, racing was close and the umpires were given plenty of cause for close scrutiny.
    • Yet, a close analysis of West Brom two summers ago and reveal that all has not changed utterly.
    • And while this was being sorted out, the brotherhood tried to keep the problem a close secret.
    • The best precautionary measure is close observation of the patient's condition.
    • The entire operation was kept a close secret.
    • A close investigation of the bags throws up till receipts which make very interesting reading.
    • But his performance in months ahead will come under close scrutiny.
    • Stocks are moving cautiously higher today as investors keep a close eye on those oil prices.
    • But about five per cent of cases in the city had some drug resistance and needed close observation.
    • Again, Leonardo used his method of close observation to study how machines work.
    • But a close comparison of the various reports also throws up a number of differences that the BBC will have to explain.
    • The contents of the correspondence are still being kept a close secret and neither side has released any details.
    • The Web site now has over eight thousand historical maps available for close examination.
  • 7

    (contest/finish) reñido
    it's going to be close va a estar muy reñido
    • he finished a close second llegó en segundo lugar, muy cerca del ganador
  • 8

    (of weather, atmosphere)
    • The room was close and airless, making a tense situation even more tense.
    • It looks like being dryer and warmer inland and may be a bit close.
    • As many as 30,000 people are crammed into close, hot and extremely humid quarters.
    • It was in the middle of the afternoon that some people began to notice a change, it began to get close and unseasonably warm.
    • At weddings and religious ceremonies where attendees were crowded and when the atmosphere was very close, these "portable air conditioners" were in great demand.
  • 9

    • 9.1(mean, stingy)

      • She was quite close with money, and they often had horrendous arguments about spending.
      • I've been begging her to let me meet you all for quite some time, but she's kept very close about it.

    • 9.2(secretive)

      to be close about sth
      • she's very close about what she did during the war es muy reacia a hablar de lo que hizo durante la guerra

  • 10

    (vowel) cerrado
    • In the following presentation both the 'open' and the 'close' pronunciation of each of the five vowels is illustrated.
    • Its vowel height is near-close, which means the tongue is positioned similarly to a close vowel, but slightly less constricted.


  • 1

    (in position)
    we must be close by now ya debemos (de) estar cerca
    • the car behind is very close el coche de atrás viene muy pegado
    • stay close or you'll get lost no te separes o te perderás
    • to draw/get/come close acercarse
    • don't come any closer or I'll scream no te me acerques más o me pongo a gritar
    • close to sth/sb cerca de algo/algn
    • we are closer to London than to Brighton estamos más cerca de Londres que de Brighton
    • come closer to the window acércate más a la ventana
    • to hold sb close abrazar a algn
    • they're following close behind nos siguen de cerca
    • phew, that was close! ¡uf, nos salvamos por poco / por los pelos!
  • 2

    (in time)
    it must be close to suppertime ya casi debe ser la hora de la cena
    • our birthdays are very close nuestros cumpleaños caen por las mismas fechas / muy cerca
    • it's getting close to Christmas se acerca la Navidad
  • 3

    (in intimacy)
    the tragedy brought them closer together / to each other la tragedia los acercó / unió más
  • 4

    (in approximation)
    it's not my favorite, but it comes pretty close no es mi favorito pero casi
    • close to sth
    • the temperature is close to ... la temperatura es de cerca de / de casi ...
    • he must be close to 50 debe andar frisando (en) los 50
    • this production is close to the original esta producción es fiel al original
    • that's the closest to an apology you'll get eso es lo más parecido a una disculpa que vas a recibir
    • the industry is close to collapse la industria está al borde de la ruina
    • he was close to tears estaba a punto de llorar
  • 5

    on looking closer, I found ... al mirar más de cerca / al fijarme mejor vi que ...
  • 6

    he had his hair cut very close se cortó el pelo muy corto
  • 7

    close by cerca
    • we live close by vivimos cerca
    • we'll pass close by our house vamos a pasar cerca de nuestra casa
  • 8

    close on
    • it must be close on suppertime ya casi debe ser la hora de la cena
    • there were close on 10,000 present había cerca de / casi 10.000 asistentes
  • 9

    close to
    • I've never seen him close to nunca lo he visto de cerca
    • close to 60,000 attended asistieron cerca de 60.000 personas
  • 10

    close together junto
    • his eyes are too close together tiene los ojos demasiado juntos
    • our birthdays are close together nuestros cumpleaños caen por las mismas fechas / muy cerca
  • 11

    close up de cerca
    • to look at sth close up mirar algo de cerca

There are 2 main translations of close in Spanish

: close1close2


fin, n.

Pronunciation /kloʊz//kləʊz/


  • 1

    (conclusion, end)
    fin masculine
    to come/draw to a close llegar/acercarse a su fin
    • to bring sth to a close poner / dar fin a algo
    • he was born around the close of the 19th century nació a / hacia finales / fines del siglo XIX
    • at the close of day al caer el día
    • at the close of trading al cierre
    • As my excited nerves calmed down, the interview wound its way to a close.
    • The declaration came with an hour of the fourth day remaining, and England grabbed the big wicket of Graeme Smith before the close.
    • It's the return of the ice that you have to watch out for, and it was back with a vengeance as October came to a close.
    • The company's share price then finished at a new low of 2.7 cents at the close of trade yesterday.
    • Shares in the club were 1.5 pence higher at 286.5 pence by the close of trade in London on Thursday.
    • His desperate financial woes, it seems, will finally be coming to a close.
    • The five-year project, which has disrupted many communities in Bradford, will draw to a close at the end of the year.
    • By the time their set was coming to a close the band had the audience eating out of their hands.
    • This will bring to a close what was probably the most concentrated fund raising drive the parish has ever seen.
    • There is a lot to reflect on these days as the year draws to a close.
    • No more wickets fell before the close and Jaques ended unbeaten on 67.
    • They had added an unbeaten 28 for the third wicket by the close.
    • But the decision looked to be a good one, for at the close of play Derbyshire had reached 311 for four.
    • The intense planning and preparing over many weeks, even months, is now drawing a close.
    • We couldn't have known it at the time, but eight years of unparalleled success were about to draw to a close.
    • By the close of the fourth day they were 37 for 5, Ellison taking four in 15 balls.
    • After the national close of the campaign on August 12 the initiative will not be forgotten.
    • Many of those rights found legal expression at the close of the eighteenth century.
    • Therefore, the real value of the mutual fund may be quite different from the calculated value at the close of the trading day.
    • In Hong Kong, the Hang Seng index is showing a fall of about 0.9 percent near the close.
    • When the pros are more bullish than amateurs, the pros will drive prices higher all day and into the close.
    • The spirited crowd were said to be still dancing the night away when the ball drew to a close at 1 am.
    • The summer may be drawing to a close, but York Racecourse has still been pulling the crowds for its September meeting.
    • If big news breaks after the close of trading, a late trade can land a quick profit - or avoid a big loss.
    • Say a customer wanted to find out how many transactions it could run before the close of the stock market on a given day.
    • Now it appears the national herd may end up as low as 450,000-480,000 by the close of 2002.
    • It was only when my voice gave out completely that the day had to draw to a close.
    • It can be the year when we draw to a close this sorry chapter in our treatment of those with disabilities.
    • The termination is expected to occur after the close of trading on May 28.
    • The incident was brought to a close at midnight when the man came down from the roof.
    • The Dow had fallen more than 69 points in late trading before recovering at the close.
    • I have been with the company for 12 years and I feel that my time has come to a close.
    • Yet once our trip had come to a close we were left with the knowledge that when you really put your mind to some thing you can accomplish anything.
    • It will also look closely into whether brokers handle orders near the close of the market fairly.
    • A most enjoyable night was had by all and at the close a minimum of €1,000 had been raised.
    • Shares fell around three per cent at the close of trading yesterday.
  • 2

    • 2.1British (in residential area)

      calle feminine
      quinta feminine
      • The hot water has remained off in four closes, Olley, Mcintosh, Brackley and Douglas.
      • They are two of 19 domestic and commercial owners in two adjacent closes which are now deluged whenever it rains.
      • But the secluded closes that run off the High Street and Canongate in Edinburgh's Old Town can also provide cover for criminal activities.
      • Like Edinburgh, it also has an Old Town, with narrow closes and tall, old buildings.
      • There were no streets, only avenues, crescents and closes.
      • Around every corner lies another close, another lane, the bright sun throwing the rough stone walls into relief.
      • Elsewhere, sober stone houses peek coyly at one and other across cobbled streets and evocative old closes.

      en Per; sin salida

    • 2.2(of cathedral)

      recinto masculine
      • Stuff like this gives just as much pleasure as a cathedral close or a Regency arcade.
      • The close of the cathedral is surrounded by a wall, which was built in the reign of Edward I.
      • She has come a long way from the Aga saga and the cathedral close.
      • The museum is in the heart of historic Salisbury, in the cathedral close.
      • Pride of place goes to the cathedral and close, with a rich legacy of surviving and well-documented buildings.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (window/book/valve) cerrar
    he closed his mouth/eyes cerró la boca/los ojos
  • 2

    (gap/gash/pores) cerrar
  • 3

    (circuit) cerrar
  • 4

    (block, deny access to)
    (road/checkpoint/channel) cerrar
    the square is to be closed to traffic van a cerrar la plaza al tráfico
    • to close one's ears to sth hacer oídos sordos a algo
    • you shouldn't close your mind to the idea no deberías cerrarte en banda a la idea / rechazar completamente la idea
  • 5

    (halt operations)
    the airport has been closed because of bad weather han cerrado el aeropuerto debido al mal tiempo
  • 6

    (terminate, wind up)
    (account/shop/branch/file) cerrar
  • 7

    (deal) cerrar
    (meeting/debate) cerrar
    (debate/meeting) poner fin a
    they closed the concert with ... el concierto se cerró con ...

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (window/door) cerrar(se)
    the door closed la puerta se cerró
    • the door doesn't close properly la puerta no cierra bien
    • her eyes closed and she fell asleep se le cerraron los ojos y se quedó dormida
  • 2

    (gap/wound/crack) cerrarse
    the darkness closed around him la oscuridad lo envolvió
  • 3

    (fold shut)
    (flower) cerrarse
    his hands closed around my throat me rodeó el cuello con las manos
  • 4

    (stop service, trading)
    (shop/library/museum) cerrar
    at what time do you close? ¿a qué hora cierran?
  • 5

    (cease operations)
    (shop/shipyard/factory) cerrar
  • 6

    (finish, end)
    (book/lecture) terminar
    (lecture/book) concluir
  • 7

    (prices/shares) cerrar
  • 8closing pres p

    (words/years/remarks) último
    in the closing minutes of the game en los últimos minutos / en los minutos finales del partido
    • closing price precio al cierre
  • 9

    to close on sth/sb acercarse a algo/algn
    • defenders were closing on him from all sides los defensas lo estaban cercando