Translation of close-fitting in Spanish:


ajustado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌkloʊsˈfɪdɪŋ//kləʊsˈfɪtɪŋ/


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    • I had changed into a long-sleeved sweater and comfy, close-fitting jeans.
    • A close-fitting garment, tightened by laces and reinforced with stays to shape the body from the hips to the breasts.
    • Wear protective clothing such as close-fitting clothes, gloves, long pants, long-sleeved shirts and slip-resistant shoes.
    • It was close-fitting across the bust with a deep square neckline, elbow length sleeves and a full skirt requiring the use of a crinoline.
    • I wore my usual black pants with a close-fitting white tank top.
    • They were all wearing balaclavas, dark close-fitting clothes and short bomber-style jackets.
    • Her mother had conjured up a new outfit for her, an incredible pair of close-fitting jeans, a sweet pink tank top, and a white zip-up sweater.
    • Never ride in cold weather with tight boots or shoes, nor close-fitting gloves.
    • Tom was struck by the boy, with his close-fitting purple shirt, tucked in at the waist, tight black jeans and black trainers.
    • He wore a close-fitting black coat that ended at the middle of his thighs, and his legs were covered in a dark material.
    • It is a close-fitting red felt hat with a flattened top and a tassel worn to the side.
    • The groom wore a close-fitting blue or red vest and a plumed hat.
    • He was clothed in a robe with wide sleeves and a close-fitting neckline.
    • These vary from region to region, but men often wear black, close-fitting trousers with a white shirt and sometimes a bright-colored sash or vest.
    • From head to toe the rally driver oozes confidence, from her close-fitting orange-and-white driving suit to the tip of her black hair peeping out from under her headscarf.
    • A swift pat secured the portfolio under my close-fitting jacket.
    • Just be sure to top with a close-fitting tank to keep the look streamlined.
    • The first face he saw was that of a man in a close-fitting business-type suit.
    • Martina looks down at the close-fitting white satin gown, which shows off the tan skin of her bare arms and chest, and emphasizes the curves of her bosom and hips.
    • She wore a light-colored, close-fitting dress with a lace bib-collar, a strand of pearls and a solemn expression.