Translation of closet in Spanish:


armario, n.

Pronunciation /ˈklɑzət//ˈklɒzɪt/


  • 1US

    armario masculine
    placard masculine River Plate
    (for clothes) armario masculine
    (for clothes) clóset masculine Latin America River Plate
    (for clothes) placard masculine River Plate
    to come out of the closet salir del armario
    • The closet was full of clothes and shoes, and dirty laundry littered the floor.
    • Keeley walked out of the closet with clothes in her hands and threw them on the bed, smiling at me.
    • I'm here ransacking my closet for something good enough to wear, I can't believe all the trash I've got in here!
    • He walked over to his closet, reached over the rack of mostly black clothes, and pulled an old looking large box down from the shelf.
    • Start opening your closets, drawers and cupboards now and donate your unused items to help others.
    • You'll end up with a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear.
    • ‘Yes just let me get my shoes on,’ Kat said walking over to her closet full of shoes.
    • He walked into his closet and grabbed some clothes to change into.
    • She opened the doors to a walk in closet full of purple outfits and at least fifty pairs of shoes.
    • Blake had a walk in closet, large enough for him to lie in.
    • She then walked over to her closet and pulled out a large, brown trunk full of heirlooms and dust.
    • She watched as he stood, and walked brusquely to the closet, flicking through his wardrobe.
    • Taking a broom and dustpan from a narrow closet, Joe walked around the bar and began sweeping Bobby's broken glass off the floor.
    • I jump off my bed and walk to my closet scanning the clothes, but not really looking, for my mind is recalling the events that happened earlier.
  • 2archaic

    gabinete masculine
    • He, along with the others, was waiting for me by the second floor janitorial closet, a secluded and unused room just under the side stairwell.
    • He got up, and went away into the closet adjoining her room, in which a bed had been spread on the floor.
    • the stench from the overcrowding or from closets is almost unbearable
    • Spare bedrooms or large closets make good drying rooms, but hot attics and damp cellars generally do not.
    • In my search I found a bathroom, two closets, the laundry room, and the basement.
    • Close doors to rooms that don't need to be heated, like closets, storage rooms, etc.
    • Houses that don't have catch-all closets or rooms in which the inhabitants can dump outdoor stuff always seem sinister to me.
    • Some people will also use this kind of pantry closet to store occasional-use items, such as large platters and coffee urns.
    • The hall, closets, laundry room, bathroom, and den all had their own muted colored doors.
    • Her mother, a petite sort of woman and covered in flour, walked out from the store closet.
    • Is there an area of your house that has a musty smell to it (basements, laundry rooms, and closets are all prime spots)?
    • This section mainly held small maintenance closets, party rooms, storage areas, and a single inn.
    • Suddenly they pulled him into a room that looked more like a janitor's closet then anything else.
    • I sat in my room, in my closet to be exact, and stared at the wall with my journal lying on my lap, waiting for me to fill its pages with tonight's occurrences.
    • The Interrogation Chamber was scarcely more than a small closet of a room.
    • We'd hit the big time, changing in a real dressing room, not some backstage janitor's closet.
    • some persons will use the closet twice daily
  • 3archaic

    retrete masculine


  • 1

    de closet Mexico informal
    de tapadillo Spain informal

transitive verb

  • 1

    to be closeted ( with sb) estar encerrado ( con algn)
    • they've been closeted in his room for hours llevan encerrados horas y horas en su habitación

reflexive verb

  • 1

    to closet oneself encerrarse