Translation of cloud in Spanish:


nube, n.

Pronunciation /klaʊd//klaʊd/


  • 1

    (single) nube feminine
    (feminine plural) (mass) nubes
    (mass) nubosidad feminine
    patches of cloud (feminine plural) nubosidades
    • a large black cloud filled the sky un nubarrón negro cubría el cielo
    • there's not a cloud in the sky está totalmente despejado
    • the only cloud on the horizon is my exam la única nube en el horizonte / el único nubarrón es mi examen
    • the only cloud on an otherwise perfect summer la única sombra en un verano que hubiera sido perfecto
    • to be on cloud nine estar en el séptimo cielo / en la gloria
    • to be up in the clouds estar en las nubes
    • to cast a cloud on / over sth ensombrecer algo
    • under a cloud en circunstancias sospechosas / poco claras
    • every cloud has a silver lining no hay mal que por bien no venga
    • The missile shot past them, exploding in a cloud of white smoke.
    • The cloud level hung immediately above us blotting out the higher slopes.
    • So in a cloud of dust, the taxi lurched forward, throwing me back into my seat at the back.
    • The conditions required for tropical cyclones are also suitable conditions for thunderstorms, deep convective clouds with strong updraughts.
    • Your home collapses in a cloud of dust, and a stray flying brick hits you squarely on the back of the head.
    • As I tried to make my escape downhill, a cloud of smoke from another fire enveloped me.
    • A cloud of dust rises and momentarily obscures the wreck.
    • Rain poured down from the flat, gray clouds above as thunder boomed and lightning flashed.
    • It collected in the atmosphere above cloud level and last night had spread across southern England and was heading towards the Channel
    • The sunlight was just breaking through a patch of clouds.
    • Early on in this deployment I walked past a sports field and noticed a cloud of dust obscuring the far end.
    • Most tornadoes form under the southwestern section of the thunderstorm cloud.
    • Gray-brown stratus clouds in the upper atmosphere flew at high speed as though the planet was racked by a perpetual storm.
    • When I looked over the edge of the foxhole, the village was obscured by a cloud of dust and smoke.
    • The forest seemed to be thinning out now, the clouds above finally visible.
    • The most popular theory is that a cloud of dust smothered the earth in a thick haze that would have blocked out the sun.
    • Within seconds, the clouds begin to disperse and the suns rays thaw my chilled arms.
    • The next thing I saw was a cloud of smoke billowing up from the next street over.
    • A cloud of smoke billowed up from the barrel of the pistol and the odor of gunpowder filled her nostrils.
    • Such snow is light and usually evaporates in the dry air below the clouds before reaching the ground.
    • Once in awhile, a lone horseman would ride across the desert, a cloud of dust billowing behind him, but that was all she saw.
    • Harriet usually in pursuit, in clouds of hairspray or exhaust.
    • The cumulus cloud above him revealed a storm was brewing, one of violent proportions.
    • There was a loud hissing noise and a cloud of bright green smoke billowed towards them.
    • She shivered, suddenly cold - the sun had disappeared behind some wispy clouds.
    • The blasts sent debris and shrapnel flying in a wide radius, and hundreds of panicked school children ran for cover, engulfed by a cloud of smoke.
    • Workers toiled in a cloud of dust in the light of powerful lamps set up to help them see.
    • A lorry thunders into the car park leaving a cloud of dust in its trail.
    • A cloud of acrid smoke is hanging over the city and on the roads all the shops are closed for fear of rioting.
    • There was always the threat of an end-of-summer downpour from the steely-grey clouds above, but none came.
    • Neil Armstrong went tumbling down the ladder and fell to the lunar surface in a cloud of grey dust.
    • There was a crack of thunder and the three of them vanished in a cloud of smoke.
    • The scattered clouds separate, revealing patches of bare sky.
    • As air rises, it cools, and its humidity begins condensing into clouds and precipitation.
    • The moonlight had disappeared behind a cloud for the moment, and the corners of the room seemed exceptionally black.
    • It was uncomfortable going in and out of clouds at 250 feet above the ground, but we saw the runway and figured we had come this far and might as well land.
    • The air got colder as rain clouds began to form above her head.
    • Miles motioned towards the gentlemen of the room, shrouded in a cloud of smoke and the smell of brandy.
    • All he could see was a cloud of dust and smoke rising from the devastated Stable Block.
    • She saw buildings that disappeared into the clouds above her head.
    • Flashes of lightning can illuminate entire clouds, making them visible from miles away.
  • 2

    (of gas, smoke, dust) nube feminine
    (of suspicion, ambiguity) halo masculine
    (of suspicion, ambiguity) nube feminine
    to go up in a cloud/clouds of smoke desaparecer en una nube de humo
    • Despite the black cloud hovering nearby there was no threat to the railway network.
    • Although the immediate signs are encouraging, there are dark clouds on the horizon.
    • By July 2000 the dark clouds appeared to have parted for him.
    • Vague clouds of negativity parted, and I started to feel as if I just have to decide what I want out of these last few months here, and then get sorted and make it happen.
    • You'll have been arrested in a blaze of publicity but the police won't make quite the same fuss over your release, meaning the cloud of suspicion will hang over you.
    • The endgame is to remove the cloud of suspicion that now hovers over so many leading athletes, and with this in mind the agency posted letters on Friday to those suspected of drug use.
    • Since his arrival at the company the dark clouds threatening insolvency have continued to gather.
    • He says that one of the most difficult aspects of the entire ordeal has been the cloud of suspicion that continues to hang over his head.
    • More than 80 per cent of those who seek treatment can lift the cloud of depression within a short time.
    • An enormous cloud of worries and troubles covered my weary heart.
    • Especially since the clouds of war are gathering over our boundaries.
    • The peace protest was a unique experience for my children and me, and we will cherish the moment despite the clouds of war that still lie ahead.
    • If the outcome of a sporting event is jeopardized or tainted by the cloud of suspicion, sport immediately loses all its appeal.
    • I felt a cloud settling on me as I sailed out of the harbour, a deep, dark cloud of troubles to come.
    • Blind and solitary, he also trails clouds of great tragedy and loss.
    • The cloud of gloom hanging over the area is so dense, it's hard to see any sign of a silver lining.
    • On the rare days that her clouds of pain had lifted and she forced a smile, it was through lips as grey as slate, set in a face like flour.
    • A man who has lived under the cloud of suspicion after the death of his wife today spoke of the trauma of a never ending wait for answers.
    • He wanted to get the cloud of suspicion off his sons.
    • A dark cloud of suspicion hangs over his internment though.
  • 3

    (of insects, birds)
    nube feminine
    • When he mows, clouds of mosquitoes swarm up from the grass in front of the riding mower.
    • I backed away in horror as the puddle spread, joined by clouds of insects from the surrounding swamp.
    • Green-gold reefs and white breakers, a huddle of black rocks topped with scrubby bushes and clouds of birds.
    • Their screaming contorting aerobatics as they swoop on clouds of insects keeps me greatly amused.
    • They look to the sky where at dawn the parents wheeled out in dark clouds of birds, to fish all day at sea.
    • The latter method ensures that your hands will be covered by sticky ooze guaranteed to attract clouds of annoying flies.
    • I remember this from childhood - great clouds of oversized winged insects, swarming up from the pavement cracks and the nooks and crannies in walls.
    • Small clouds of nameless winged things fluttered past our faces and I noticed her bat them away just so casually.
    • I'm dealing with clouds of blackbirds today but what did Annie say?
    • I must have looked ridiculous emerging into clouds of mosquitoes in the middle of nowhere.
    • Aside from the stinging clouds of mosquitoes, the jungle is nearly motionless.
    • There are whole valleys of birds, millions of them, clouds of them.
    • During the hot weather it's a pestilential place, populated by heavy clouds of biting insects.
    • This was Juan's first major trip, but we still made good progress despite the clouds of mosquitoes and raucous birds that plagued us for the first 500m.
    • A handful of shorebirds scampered among clouds of tiny insects and piles of seaweed.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (dim, blur)
    (view/vision) nublar
    (mirror/glass) empañar
    emotion clouded his judgment la emoción lo ofuscaba
    • to cloud the issue crear confusión
  • 2

    (spoil, mar)
    (enjoyment/relationship) empañar
  • 3

    (make cloudy)
    (beer) enturbiar

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (beer/wine) enturbiarse
    her eyes clouded with tears las lágrimas le empañaron / le nublaron los ojos