Translation of cloven in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈkloʊvən//ˈkləʊv(ə)n/



  • 1

    • Inwardly cursing herself for her loss of focus, she bent to pick up the cloth she had been cleaning the blade with, but as she began to rise, she saw the sapling nearby, neatly cloven in two.
    • Their legs were like those of men but their feet were cloven like calves' feet and shone like burning brass.
    • He emitted a pained hiss through a mouthful of blood, the type of noise a poisonous snake would make after being cloven in half by a farmer's spade.
    • Testiness mixes with vanity when he reminds Ariel that it was ‘mine art ‘that released him from the cloven pine.’
    • What the ex-policeman takes for boredom, though, is the stillness of a serpent as its cloven tongue tastes the scent in the breeze.
    • The southern route eventually lead to Paden, a port city that offered ferries across the cloven straight.
    • A diablesse can be recognised from the fact that her left foot is cloven, and that under her skirts can be glimpsed heavy steel fetters.
    • Blake believed man was originally part of the great cosmic ‘Oneness’ until he was wrenched from it and made mortal by the god of the Old Testament and then, insult to injury, further divided by being cloven into the two sexes.
    • Gregory felt as if his heart had been cloven in twain. ‘What have I done?’
    • They arrived on the 8th day, and being questioned about their delay, replied that it was due to a violent tempest, and that, the sea being cloven [parted] their prow struck against a rock and was broken.
    • Only the thigh-length, brown and white goatskin boots with cloven toes offer any indication that here sits the most outlandish, controversial female musician of her generation.
    • And he was stronger than she was; he'd seen his world cloven in two and had merely adjusted his stride to match the pitching ground underneath his feet.