Translation of clown in Spanish:


payaso, n.

Pronunciation /klaʊn//klaʊn/


  • 1

    payaso masculine
    payasa feminine
    he's the school/office clown es el payaso del colegio/de la oficina
    • So maybe we are supposed to decide for ourselves if he is just the class clown or not.
    • I was the class clown, you know, that kind of thing, and I gathered around me a group of guys who also were silly.
    • I've heard it said that it's never the class clown who goes into comedy but the quiet one who just observes.
    • He had a restless, attention-seeking nature and loved to play the clown.
    • He seemed like a class clown, and most girls flock towards that.
    • He was the class clown, so shy and unsporty that he survived only by making others laugh.
    • I missed a lot at school by not hearing properly, and ended up being the class clown.
    • Sam is in my class, and we are the trouble makers, or you could call us the class clowns.
    • Luckily, we had four or five guys in the group who must have been the class clowns at school.
    • Back then, children were expected to entertain themselves, which is how Lucky learnt to play the clown.
    • He was the class clown and easily one of the funniest, most good natured people I ever had the pleasure of knowing.
    • He was the class clown and he was always the life of the party.
    • Al soon followed Kenny, being the clown of the bunch he of course was happy.
    • At heart, he loved to play the clown, and it was such a release to sit on a street corner and make a fool out of himself from time to time.
    • And to that end, he teaches serious professionals how to play the clown.
    • I was always a problem child, always the class clown, always seeking attention from others.
    • The class grew louder as one of the class clowns stood up to rant a bit.
    • He was the class clown, known by all and loved by most.
    • She almost laughed: that kind of response was typical of him, he was a clown, plain and simple, who loved to have fun, and teased all the time.
    • He resorts to being the class clown to cover up for his difficulties.