Translation of clue in Spanish:


pista, n.

Pronunciation /kluː//klu/


  • 1

    (hint, indication)
    pista feminine
    to give sb a clue darle una pista a algn
    • her diary may provide a clue to her whereabouts su diario puede dar una pista acerca de su paradero
    • The site does not publish contact details for the creators or reveal any other clues to the identity of the organisation.
    • A trawl of all her friends has revealed no clues as to where she has gone.
    • She could feel his gaze on her, watching her, searching her for a clue to her earlier behaviour.
    • This was the only clue to his past that he could think of, a watch that he had worn since he could remember.
    • She looked at the other woman, searching the tatters of her memory for a clue to the stranger's identity, but there were none.
    • Layers within the ice caps could someday reveal clues to Mars's climactic history.
    • This deserves investigation as a clue to early developmental influences on asthma.
    • Every item people leave around the house is assumed to be a clue to what sort of person they are.
    • She looked around the room, searching for a clue to the whereabouts of this person.
    • The title of his exhibition provides a clue to the meaning of his work.
    • Scientists think the findings may provide a clue to why moderate alcohol consumption is good for the heart.
    • She stared at the little card looking for clues that would reveal the identity of the sender.
    • But it also gives a clue to why there is such a paucity of women at the top in car sales.
    • I looked back at her, searching her face for a clue to her sudden distress.
    • Examining her eyes for thyroid associated ophthalmopathy may give a clue to the underlying cause.
    • Could it be a clue to how the Ancient Greeks produced those massive bronze statues?
    • Painstaking scientific analysis of the picture has now revealed crucial clues about the image.
    • The stunning cover of this mysterious novel provides a clue to its structure.
    • His account of Defoe's popular success is a clue to his own writerly ambitions.
    • Some harsh economic facts, meanwhile, provide sufficient clues to the state of affairs.
  • 2

    (in crosswords)
    clave feminine
    • This is as near as anyone gets to talking in crossword clues.
    • Here are twenty cryptic clues, the answers to which are the numbers from one to twenty.
    • I love crosswords - I love the cryptic clues and the obscure quotes from Shakespeare and all the rest.
    • Cryptic clues in the crossword may be stand-alone or a combination of any of the following nine types.
    • In the second round cryptic clues will be provided and a crossword puzzle will have to be cracked.
    • It's not even a good pun, which, like a good crossword clue, should work on both the superficial and the cryptic levels.
    • I still prefer the uncertainty and randomness of crossword clues.
    • He ran the words through his mind, almost like a crossword clue.
    • Players win cards and answer clues as they move round the board and try to collect all the right letters to make up their secret word.
    • A crossword is just a set of blank spaces, so how did he know the clue referred to him?
    • Each of the clues below spells out a different word, but can you work out what each word is?
    • He also taught him the knack of solving cryptic clues in crossword puzzles.
    • He would even interrupt classes to ask teachers to solve the crossword clues that he could not solve.