Translation of coal-black in Spanish:


negro como el carbón, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌkoʊlˈblæk///


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    negro como el carbón
    • He felt his heartbeat pump overtime as a pair of coal-black eyes gazed at him with contained fury.
    • This was a small man, very pale and dark, with coal-black eyes.
    • Nicola peered into the underbrush and made out a family of weasels peering right back at her, their coal-black eyes gleaming.
    • Anderson captures the coal-black essence of the film magnificently.
    • He smoothed back his disheveled coal-black hair as he tried to catch his breath.
    • But now that he could look at her properly, he could see two coal-black eyes, glaring furiously at his own green ones.
    • Jeremiah wandered down Woodward Avenue until he reached the riverbank, then sat watching whitecaps flash and chop in the coal-black water.
    • His wavy, coal-black hair is pushed into his face by the blasts of cold wind; his eyes look wary but clearer than she's seen them.
    • He ran a hand through his coal-black hair and played with his earring.
    • On shore, there are coal-black carvings fashioned from tree ferns for secret warrior ceremonies.
    • He had coal-black curly hair and dreamy hazel eyes that drove women wild.
    • It's a harrowing bit of wit, a chunk of coal-black comedy that's extremely well handled.
    • Her eyes, her beautiful coal-black eyes, were drowning in their own tears, her raven-black hair flying behind her as she came closer and closer.
    • She was so stunned that she just stared into those strange, unblinking, coal-black eyes.
    • Slowly, he pulled up his hood up so that the coal-black mark was once again hidden from view.
    • He had a coal-black beard and dark eyes that twinkled merrily.
    • A hound it was, an enormous coal-black hound, but not such a hound as mortal eyes have ever seen.
    • He was just ‘a youth, with coal-black hair, in the early stages of life’ when he left the world.
    • His coal-black eyes once again flashed with dark, primal anger.
    • It was a small Labrador puppy, with coal-black fur, sitting on its hind legs and looking up at her.


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    negro carbón masculine