Translation of coast to coast in Spanish:

coast to coast

de costa a costa, adj.

Pronunciation: /ˌkoʊst tə ˈkoʊst//ˌkəʊst tə ˈkəʊst/


  • 1US

    de costa a costa


  • 1US

    a lo largo y ancho del país
    • Anna first raised money by doing a coast-to-coast cycle ride across Mexico and after leaving Lancaster University joined the charity full-time.
    • Scotland's only coast-to-coast pathway is 20 years old but do not expect any celebrations, let alone an invitation to the birthday party.
    • Plus, dozens of reporters will be out coast-to-coast bringing you any new developments throughout the night.
    • ‘We're gonna win,’ he told the cheering throngs at rallies on a furious coast-to-coast tour in late August.
    • That decision has led to a backlash from unionized workers in the company from coast-to-coast.
    • The company also plans to complete a coast-to-coast link that will put a coffee-shop in every state.
    • A neighbour then pointed out that the whole of Hadrian's Wall had been opened up to the public, and he decided to try and do most of that famous, 84-mile coast-to-coast route.
    • The coast-to-coast operation works with almost no budget and has thrived on word-of-mouth since its inception.
    • Now that the album is complete, the band is finalizing plans for their coast-to-coast tour, beginning in British Columbia and ending with stops in Newfoundland and Labrador.
    • The Harlem-born stylist, who would go on to become the chief executive of a coast-to-coast salon empire, actually got his start in mechanics.
    • Will her family get wall-to-wall and coast-to-coast coverage in the media?
    • The petition, with the signatures of 45,000 Canadians from 35 communities coast-to-coast, was presented in the House of Commons last Wednesday.
    • Cumbria's coast-to-coast cycle route attracts an estimated 12,000 visitors annually.
    • We'll have complete coverage, of course, coast-to-coast.
    • It was a non-talent show, in which a parade of no-hopers would be given a taste of exposure on coast-to-coast TV.
    • Before it went coast-to-coast, the movie played for a year in LA and San Francisco.
    • She said her husband, had got a diary of Helen's, charting the coast-to-coast walk they completed together 14 years ago.
    • Our government has just passed coast-to-coast legislation legalizing same-sex marriage.
    • She urged everyone to continue to support activities planned, including sponsored London Marathon runs, coast-to-coast bike rides and parachute jumps.
    • This coast-to-coast tour will cross 3500 miles; they will take bus, train, boat and plane across 21 states.
    • Its artisan breads are distributed coast-to-coast through restaurants, supermarkets and gourmet food stores.
    • And a coast-to-coast advertising campaign along the whole length of the motorway from Liverpool to Hull will warn motorists to stay away.