Translation of coaster in Spanish:


barco de cabotaje, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkoʊstər//ˈkəʊstə/


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    barco de cabotaje masculine
    • Since the ship was a coaster and never far from the shore it was more practical to stop - either at a port or somewhere along the coast - than carry provisions needed for several weeks journey.
    • In a similar vein, John Armstrong rehabilitated the sailing coaster in its unique role as freight transporter between British ports.
    • Many more coasters brought foodstuffs, manufactured products and raw materials from other parts of the country.
    • Although the Turquoise was operated as an armed coaster, there are no signs of the deck gun that would no doubt have been fitted above the fo'c'sle, or indeed of any other heavy armament.
    • A pilot in charge of a Danish-registered coaster was forced to take evasive action when a fishing vessel appeared out of fog on the wrong side of the channel.
    • In the days of commercial shipping to Norwich, these very successful fishermen regularly patrolled the waterway following the coasters and on the look-out for damaged fish.
    • The wreck is a fairly conventional steam-powered coaster.
    • He escaped Crete by hiding in some salty coaster and shooting anyone who came near him.
    • My favourite wreck, and that of many other visiting divers too, has to be the 450-ton two-hold Dutch coaster, the Lucy.
    • The second incident involved the coaster Lara which collided with a mooring post and navigation light at the entrance to Alexandra Dock, demolishing the light.
    • Waren Mill was typical of the undeveloped tidal havens frequented by small coasters during the industrial revolution.
    • After the success of the Allied North African campaign, French ships seized by the Allies in African ports were allowed to continue to fly the French flag in the Allied cause, and ten French coasters took part in the Sicilian campaign.
    • An Orkney Towage tug carried out a long-distance tow this week, towing a broken-down Dutch coaster to Invergordon.
    • The coasters of the Union Line began operating in 1863.
    • "All of the nation's 15 fastest coasters have been built in the last 10 years.
    • The year was 1956 and Ballina was a busy port even though the bar at Killala Bay and the Moy channel was difficult for the small coasters that mostly carried coal, timber, fertilisers and starch.
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    (drink mat)
    posavasos masculine
    • In no time flat we had selected a card, and some face cloths, and some table mats and coasters - when do you ever go into a department store for one small item and come out with nothing else?
    • The airport bars it operates will give away mouse pads as drink coasters.
    • Use coasters under beverage glasses to avoid moisture rings.
    • Use coasters under glasses and vases, and pads or trivets under hot dishes.
    • Her nana returned the smile and placed her cup of tea back on the drink coaster.
    • Never set beverage glasses, vases of flowers, etc. on surfaces without coasters or mat protection.
    • Two glasses with the remnants of brandy sat on coasters on the coffee table.
    • The bar man, a young man with thick brown hair and wonderfully green eyes, approached Elliot with a coaster and a new glass.
    • Sophie would make you put your glass on a coaster.
    • Check to see if anybody else would like a drink and that they are using their coasters.
    • The bookstore has also produced a range of other items to go with the series, including stationery, notebooks, coasters and calendars, and is running an in-store competition to promote the launch.
    • I tossed the letter aside, almost knocking over the cold tea that now rested on a wooden coaster.
    • ‘Every brand of beer here is served in its own glass, with its own coaster,’ he says proudly, though he notes that they seem to vanish sometimes.
    • The showrooms experience a general demand for table mats and coasters and various hand crafted items, specially for exports.
    • Drinks coasters are elephant shaped, as are many of the sauce dishes.
    • They used this to produce bags, hats, ties, scarves, place mats and coasters.
    • A moment later, a waitress put three glasses of water on coasters bearing the establishments insignia.
    • Whenever I host a game night I bring out my groovy set of 1960's glass coasters.
    • The doctor finishes his drink and gently sets the glass down on the coaster, staring at the little checkerboard pattern beneath it.