Translation of coat in Spanish:


abrigo, n.

Pronunciation /kəʊt//koʊt/


  • 1also overcoat

    • 1.1Clothing

      (for men) abrigo masculine
      (for men) sobretodo masculine River Plate
      (for women) abrigo masculine
      (for women) tapado masculine River Plate
      to turn / change one's coat chaquetear
      • He wore a black leather trench coat over a pressed white dress shirt and black pants.
      • Alison shivered as she removed her long wool coat.
      • Her fur coat was thrown carelessly over Jenna's bed, where Justin sat in silence.
      • He got so that he was scared of falling asleep, so he'd go downstairs to the living-room instead, with a winter coat on over his pyjamas.
      • We wore our winter coats and stuffed our pockets with what little bread we had left.
      • Mr. Walker pulled a pair of mittens out of his coat pocket and handed them to me.
      • This boy, clad in a disheveled sailor's tunic and winter coat fit for a bear, stood no more than shoulder-high to me.
      • The sleeves of her coat were blown back; but surprisingly, the wind was pleasantly warm, like the wind before Winter had come.
      • A black blazer replaced his winter coat and he wore sunglasses instead of his helmet.
      • Sharon pulled her gray wool coat tighter and walked across the gravel parking lot to her rusting Chevy.
      • The long winter coat has been brought out from where it was stored in the cupboard under the stairs.
      • Lea could see his silver star flash as he removed the heavy winter coat.
      • Evie went to grab her blue coat in the closet and ran to the car with her mom.
      • Don't forget to sort through outer garments like coats, hats, and gloves.
      • You can stay warm with the best winter coats of the season, and make every woman curious about what you're hiding underneath.
      • See this new camera is big and bulky - in winter I put it in my puffy coat pocket and barely even noticed it.
      • She pulled her gloves out of her coat pocket, slipped them on, and then tucked her pony tail up under the ski mask so it would be out of the way when the action started.
      • She wore a thick, black leather trench coat that covered her entire body.
      • She held her coat tighter around her, her light curls bobbing slightly in the wind.
      • The whole way back home, I kept wiping my mouth with the sleeve of my coat.

    • 1.2Clothing

      chaqueta feminine
      saco feminine Latin America
      (heavier) chaquetón masculine
      • He wore a thin, trimmed moustachio and a tuxedo with a dinner coat.
      • With that he pulled off his tuxedo coat and satin vest, tossing them into the trunk.
      • Amber slipped her blazer coat on and pulled up her knee high gray socks.
      • The next three hours were a blur, as Keira tried on dresses, shirts, coats, skirts, pants, shoes and hats.
      • Like a tailor, he keeps big needles pinned behind the lapel of his coat, a plaid jacket too large for him.
      • Some of the Rhode Island and New Hampshire soldiers had on gray coats that confused the shooters of the 4th Rhode Island.
      • This season's key items are all short, from skirts to dresses and coats.
      • He was dressed in a swallow-tail coat with a formal shirt and bow tie.
      • The lady wore a red suit coat with a red skirt that matched perfectly.
      • It's long enough to wear over a sport coat or suit jacket.
      • Satin top, full black skirt, velvety black high heels, tweed coat with black velvet collar.
      • Passengers are now required to remove all types of coats, including blazers, sports and suit jackets.
      • Sport coats, or jackets, encompass just about everything else.
      • Pacing the ground swiftly, he slid his arms into the jacket coat, digging his weary hands into his pockets.
      • Three-quarters have a button-down shirt, two-thirds a sport coat or blazer.
      • Amy adjusted Sara's coat over the skirt of her blue dress before turning for the scarf.
      • You can quickly improvise a shield to cover your forearm by wrapping a suit coat, jacket or overcoat around it.
      • Personally I think the jackets look like pyjama coats, but they are not my cuppa.
      • A sport coat and jeans or dress slacks were as far as he usually ventured and he looked so good in them.
      • Key focus continues to be short shift dresses, coats and skirts.
      • The new line includes a hunting coat, parka, vest, shirt and pant.
      • He had on a navy suit coat and white dress shirt, which usually would have gone with navy or dark-blue tie.
      • Her woollen coats and cashmere dresses were technically brilliant.
      • In their slick tuxedoed coats, they could almost be a column of wedding guests stranded in the snow, until they drop down and start belly surfing across the icy wasteland.
      • I think that the only reason that the hunters take part in the hunt is just so that they can dress up in silly coats.
      • The coat, skirt, and blouse came into fashion as a practical day dress only in the 1890s.
      • He wears glasses and has the symbol of the white tiger on the side of his coat sleeve and collar.
      • The Spaniard was no longer wearing his uniform coat and his black hair was falling out of his pigtail.
      • It makes me cringe to think how much money I threw away on ties and dress shirts and sport coats and wool slacks that I never wear any more.

  • 2

    (of animals)
    pelaje masculine
    • Norwich Terriers aren't a shedding breed, but there are always some dead hairs in their coat that end up lying around.
    • Shearing was changed from machine to hand held blades which was a much longer process, but left a short coat on the sheep for protection.
    • Keep your dog indoors and away from drafts until his coat is completely dry.
    • Though many urbanites love to have a pet dog at home, they realise in the long run that they have little time for walking the dog or brushing his coat.
    • His fur was as black as night and much more groomed than the coats of the animals that surrounded him.
    • Rhino species grazed temperate grasslands and tundra, and many were covered with a thick coat of hair.
    • Racers were meant to be war animals, so their coats were dark for camouflage.
    • Anne bought the smallest and cleverest, a white dog with a feathery coat and one blue and one brown eye.
    • God gave dogs a natural coat to keep out the cold.
    • For instance, someone who is especially house proud will not want a dog with a long coat which sheds hair all over the furniture.
    • The horses wore leather rugs to protect their coats and keep them warm, but a string on one had come loose and was trailing in the mud.
    • Animals with heavy coats, such as Highland cattle and Galloways, were the most prone to problems, he added.
    • This shampoo gently but thoroughly washes the coat and protects the skin, conditioning as it cleans.
    • The face itself was protected by a coat of fine black fur, so deeply black that it highlighted blue in the gentle light of the moon.
    • Their coats became thick, hard and dense enough to protect them from the moisture and cold of a long winter's day hunting.
    • The Chinook has a double coat comprising long guard hairs over a soft, short undercoat.
    • The Sumatran rhino's body is covered in a patchy coat of shaggy hair.
    • Like the Shetland pony, the Sheltie was bred with a thick coat to protect them from the harsh climate.
    • Believe it or not mathematics explains why animals can have coats with spotted bodies and striped tails but not striped bodies with spotted tails.
    • He shows us the white puppies with woolly coats whose job it is to protect the sheep from wolves and explains how they live outside with only the strongest surviving.
    • With a thick, flowing coat of rich hair and majestic sweeping horns, it is one of Britain's oldest, most distinctive and best known breeds.
    • A powerful hindquarters and a lung capacity enables him to swim long distances, this dog also has a heavy coat which protects him from icy waters.
    • Had he asked to check whether or not the dog had a healthy coat, he could have saved himself the money.
  • 3

    (of paint, varnish) capa feminine
    (of paint, varnish) mano feminine
    (of dust) capa feminine
    • The env gene codes for a protein on the outer coat of the virus that allows it to recognize and attach to human cells.
    • Instead of paying for labour, put a fresh coat of neutral paint on the walls yourself.
    • They felt it needed a new coat of paint to freshen it up.
    • The last time I saw the leaf blower back in the Little Town it was mouldering under a thick coat of dust in a corner of the garage.
    • Before fertilization, the egg is enclosed in a protective vitelline membrane, which is embedded in a gelatinous coat.
    • The finishing touch: a sweep of black eyeliner and two or three coats of mascara.
    • When a virus enters and infects a cell, it sheds this protective coat so that the genetic material can replicate new viruses.
    • A protective coat of lime plaster is often applied for added durability.
    • When found outside of host cells, viruses exist as a protein coat or capsid, sometimes enclosed within a membrane.
    • The protein coat can be chemically modified to target specific molecules or cell types in tissue.
    • Grabbing the mascara, I took out the wand and layered my eyelashes with two coats of mascara.
    • Finally, all the Ames test strains have defective polysaccharide outer coats, to make them more permeable to the test chemicals.
    • For all other surfaces, spray on two or more coats of clear acrylic sealer.
    • A light coat of wax will protect the surface of marble but is not considered essential.
    • Ordinary microscopic slides, covered with a thin coat of petroleum jelly were used as pollen traps.
    • The outer protein coat consists of a major and minor capsid protein.
    • For the final touch of beauty and to protect the finish, apply one or more coats of good wax recommended for use on floors.
    • Tapetal material is deposited on the developing pollen grains forming the pollen coat.
    • In this case, the moduli measured would reflect the mechanics of the protein coat rather than those of the embedding gel.
    • Yet another group applied fresh coats of paint on the panels of windows and doors.
    • The water fountains bubble quietly, the surface of their small pools hidden beneath a coat of fallen leaves.
    • Redwood, cypress or cedar do not need a protective coat, however you may want to use one so the wood will not water stain.
    • To create an even surface, brush the wood with a coat of clear acrylic sealer.
    • A tough protective coat allows the bacteria to survive for decades as spores.
    • The last step was to apply two coats of sealer, followed by several coats of protective wax.
    • The plum pox virus itself is little more than a filament of RNA surrounded by a protein coat.
    • Add a coat of clear varnish for a longer lasting finish.
    • Once the painted shoe is dry apply a coat of clear protective sealant.
    • And how I would love to put a fresh coat of paint on it.
    • Hepatitis B surface antigen is on the viral coat, and its presence in blood implies that the patient is infected.
    • For example, the Ebola virus has a particular protein in its coat that can easily be detected and analyzed with mass spectrometry.
    • They are all caused by viruses: small slips of genetic material protected by a protein coat.
    • They code for the coat proteins of the two viruses, which are primary targets for the host immune system.
    • Apply two, preferably three coats of urethane varnish using a good quality natural bristle brush.
    • For long life with oil base stain on rough sawn or weathered lumber, use two coats.
    • A few coats of a lengthening mascara will do the trick.
    • I glare at her and then turn to study my nails. ‘Hmm, that one needs another coat of red.’
    • Apply the sunscreen in a thick coat at least 30 to 45 minutes before going outside and then reapply every two hours.
    • Since they proliferate by invading and taking over surrounding healthy cells, they are protected by a coat of protein.
    • Suddenly the city of my dreams seems to be enveloped in a coat of dirt, dust and grime, combined with the troubles and busy lives of its inhabitants.

transitive verb

  • 1

    coated with chocolate cubierto de chocolate
    • coat the surface with primer aplique una capa / mano de base a la superficie
    • his tongue was coated tenía la lengua cubierta de saburra
    • The fish - squid, prawns and scampi - was coated in a delicate batter, light years away from any calamari I've tasted.
    • Artificial seeds were coated with a thin layer of gelatin, and infested as if they were intact seeds.
    • It would need to be coated with shellac or varnish to keep out moisture.
    • A gas turbine engine component is cleaned and coated with a layer of metal, generally aluminum, containing paint.
    • Everything was coated with a thick layer of dust and grime.
    • Finally, the blade was coated with a tough, protective layer of clear lacquer.
    • Fresh greens were cut up into very tiny piece and coated with a layer of flour, which was made into the shape of a petal.
    • It is then coated with a thin layer of white lead on which the outline of the picture is drawn.
    • My nails were conditioned with a range of conditioners and varnishes before being coated with the actual magic gel.
    • A sap-sucking bug that coats plants with wads of foamy spit has been crowned the insect world's greatest leaper.
    • The faces of both slabs are then coated with multiple layers of thin-film gold or dielectric reflectors.
    • The ground was coated with an icy blanket of fresh snow, but not enough for the schools to close.
    • It also coats or pseudomorphs some of the secondary minerals.
    • The walls were coated with cobwebs and blanketed with old tapestries.
    • Each is in turn coated with several layers of graphite, and a silicon carbide outer shell.
    • It's as if the camera lens had been coated with a thin layer of Vaseline and hurriedly wiped clean.
    • After this process, the replica is coated with a thin layer of clay paste and allowed to dry.
    • Unmold the mousse onto a wire rack-lined sheet pan and coat with the chocolate glaze.
    • Lockers, all coated with a layer of fresh paint to cover another year of abuse, lined up against these walls.
    • My eyes had been coated with a layer of black mascara and a decent amount of black eyeliner.
    • The gyroscope spheres are coated with an ultra-thin layer of metal that becomes a superconductor.
    • The globes are coated with a layer of niobium, giving them a silvery finish.
    • A daguerreotype is printed on a sheet of copper that is coated with a thin layer of silver.