Translation of cockamamie in Spanish:


absurdo, adj.


Pronunciation /ˈkɒkəˌmeɪmi//ˈkɑkəˌmeɪmi/



  • 1

    • He told me a story about how he duped some UFO buff with a cockamamy story about how he witnessed a UFO.
    • The movie is in such a rush, charging headlong from crisis to fiasco, it's hard not to get carried away by its mad, cockamamie rhythm.
    • First thing we gotta do is concoct some kind of cockamamie contraption that'll get us out of this mess.
    • If you expect me to fall for that cockamamie story that you just told, you've clearly lost your mind!
    • He has espoused some cockamamie theories about the secret society.
    • Frankly, though, I think he's too nice about it: this ‘theory’ is so cockamamie that it belongs with the tin foil hat brigade.
    • He may practice cockamamie politics, but he's a very talented actor and director, and I'm proud of him for finally winning.
    • In the end they picked me up on the street for some cockamamy charge and held me, just for an hour, nothing very terrible.
    • There is this crazy cockamamie story that went around that we had signed some pact.
    • I wasn't the one who talked me into this cockamamy adventure in the first place.
    • My wife is on some cockamamie diet right now that is pretty unappetizing.
    • Both groups toss aside any fact that gets in their way and trumpet any cockamamie cure-all that supports their goals.
    • It will be our cockamamie ideologies that will start to not fit.
    • Then what makes you think this cockamamie plan is going to work?
    • Someone comes up with this cockamamie theory that an e-mail could melt down all the computers and maybe even blow up all the buildings.
    • Well, scrap that cockamamie, and sales-slumping, idea.
    • Once you have real evidence, not some conjectured, cockamamie theory, call me.
    • They spend hours convoluting cockamamie stories that work in their pea-brains and expect us to go ‘wow, that sure is smart.’
    • This cockamamie human rights inquisition outfit found him guilty of hate.
    • No wonder they've been making such cockamamie decisions.